Digital corruption in the name of building digital Bangladesh: Khaleda

Opposition BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia alleged that the incumbent government is committing “digital corruption in the name of building digital Bangladesh”.

The former prime minister of the country came up with the allegation while addressing a rally at Gor-e-Shaheed ground of the district Sunday.

Khaleda Zia branded the grand alliance government as a big thief as it has “indulged in plundering public wealth” in the name of ensuring the welfare of people.

“The Awami League government has done nothing for people as it's busy plundering public wealth,” she told a mammoth public rally at Gora Shahid maidan in the afternoon.

She said, “Awami League assumed power by making commitment to build digital Bangladesh.”

Khaleda added: “But, later they started committing digital corruption all over the country.”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had recently proposed a small cabinet, including opposition representatives, to oversee the next election.

The BNP-led opposition alliance rejected the proposal.

"In 1996 you [the Awami League] did not accept such proposals [election time government comprising government and opposition representatives]. Now we won't accept it. A credible election is not possible under the Awami League," said Khaleda, who started her visits to the district headquarters with the rally.

Khaleda reiterated that the next parliamentary polls must be held under a ‘non-party neutral’ government. She said people would not allow elections under a partisan government.

The BNP chief said elections under the AL had not been fair. ‘The local government polls and by-elections held under the Awami League government were not fair. The incumbent Election Commission is subservient to the government,’ she said.

Regarding the price hike, she told her audience that he prices of daily essentials are also higher than they said.

The opposition leader also alleged that Awami League pledged to give free fertilizer but they are increasing its price day by day.

The opposition leader said each and every member of this government, including the Prime Minister’s family members and relatives, are engaged in corruption, pushing the country into the abyss of darkness.

The rally was organised as part of the opposition leaders’ month-long campaign, aiming to drum up support for the annulled caretaker government system.

Khaleda reached the venue at 4:10 pm amid slogans by thousands of leaders and activists of BNP and its front organisations as well as the 18-party alliance.

Khaleda reached Dinajpur at 3:40 pm and stayed at the Circuit House for a while and then joined the rally.