Conflicting statements by ministers on road condition

Two ministers on Wednesday made conflicting statements on the condition of roads and highways across the country.

Home affairs minister Sahara Khatun claimed that the government has successfully tackled problematic issues like price-hike of essentials and maintenance of law and order.

But people are suffering due to the ‘poor condition of roads’, she told reporters at
her secretariat office in the morning.

Just 200 hundreds away at Railway Bhaban, communications minister Obaidul Quader claimed on the same day that almost all the major highways were fit for the smooth movement of vehicles.

Quader was presiding over a meeting with stakeholders on the overall preparation of land-based transport of passengers going to their home districts to celebrate Eid, which is likely to be held on August 19 or 20, with their kith and kin.

However, he admitted that a few stretches of some highways were in bad conditions, but they have been repaired.

He alleged that some quarters were spreading false propaganda about the condition of roads and highways to create panic among the passengers.

Conflicting statements by policymakers of the ruling party are not surprising as they are common. They made conflicting statements on the transit issue between Bangladesh and India and the funding sources of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge.

For the last couple of years the journey of people going to their home districts to celebrate Eid has turned out to be a nightmare for many because of the dilapidated roads and highways.

The poor condition of highways slows down the movement of vehicles and causes prolonged traffic jams.

An official of the communications ministry said that it took around 15 hours on bus to reach his village home in Chittagong in the last Eid because of traffic jam on the highways.

Most of the passengers are forced to travel on buses as the government could not increase the number of trains despite the huge demand. The popularity of trains has increased so much nowadays that many passengers spend the night at railway stations to be ahead of others in the queue.

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has identified about 318 kilometres of eight national highways which should be repaired on a priority basis.

News Source: 
The New Age