Speaker for charging Tk 0.25 per mobile call to raise bridge fund

Speaker Abdul Hamid Advocate advocated for charging Tk 0.25 on every unit of mobile-phone calls to mobilise funds for construction of the Parma Bridge, as foreign donors made a turnabout.

“It is possible to construct the bridge with the country’s own funds,” he said while responding to a comment of independent lawmaker Fazlul Azim in parliament Sunday.

The Speaker, however, said it was his personal opinion. “As the Speaker, I don’t have any scope to make any recommendation,” he said.

“Like other lawmakers, I am also a member of the House and, from this standpoint, I have made the recommendation.”

“Charging Tk 0.25 against every unit of mobile-phone calls could be considered,” he said. “Not only the Padma Bridge, even bigger infrastructures could be constructed with the country’s own finances,” said the Speaker.

He advised that the lawmakers should create opinion in the respective areas.

News Source: 
The Daily Sun