'No question of another resignation letter':Sohel Taj

Awami League MP Tanjim Ahmed, also known as Sohel Taj, has said that he will not tender a new resignation letter.

"The Speaker had not accepted his resignation saying that it did not adhere to the rules set out in the constitution and those followed in Parliament.

Son of Bangladesh's first Prime Minister, Tajuddin Ahmed, one of the stalwarts who helmed Bangladesh, Sohel Taj's saga of whether he is in office or not, has been continuing over the last three years since he stepped down from the office of State Minister for Home.

"I stepped down as State Minister three years ago and also resigned as an MP two months ago. There's no question of submitting another resignation," he told bdnews24.com on Thursday.

He, however, said he expected to visit Bangladesh in July to see his ailing mother.

"I may call on the honourable Speaker at that time," he added.

Tanjim Ahmad was elected MP from a Gazipur constituency in 2001 and 2008 elections.

He joined Hasina's cabinet as State Minister for Home on Jan 6, 2009 and resigned only five months into office on May 31.

After his resignation, the government said that the President had not accepted the resignation.

His personal aide had handed in the letter to the Speaker's office on Apr 23, nearly three years after he had resigned as a junior minister.

In an open letter to his constituents as well as the people, he said he had resigned from the posts of MP and state minister consciously and willingly on justified grounds.

Sohel Taj also declared that he would no longer be involved in active politics.

Speaker Abdul Hamid on May 9 told reporters: "[Sohel Taj's] resignation has not been accepted since it did not follow the constitution and Parliament's rules of procedure."

Hamid added he would consider the resignation if Sohel Taj re-submitted it adhering to the rules.

"Effective steps will be taken if he writes a letter expressing his will to resign..."

The Speaker pointed out that the letter was not accepted as it did not have the words 'willing to resign' in line with the Section 67 of the constitution.

"One has to write his resignation letter himself by hand. But Sohel Taj's one was typewritten."

"Moreover, the signature and the date were written by different pens with different ink and they seemed to have been done by different people," the speaker added.

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