Speaker delivered historical ruling: Suranjit

Minister sans portfolio Suranjit Sengupta said the speaker of the National parliament has delivered historical rule as it settled the recent constitutional problem.

He said, “He has proved his tolerance, far sight ness and wisdom by giving such rule. Speakers ruling in the parliament is equal to the verdict of Justices in Courts.”

He came up with the remarks while addressing a discussion meeting at the VIP lounge of National Press Club on Tuesday.

The ruling party leader said, “We all are obliged to obey the speaker’s ruling as no body can file review petition against his ruling. The ruling has set example for all in settling disputes among different department of the state. The next generation will get a well structured constitution by his ruling.”

Addressing the opposition, he said, “The concept of negative politics is backdated now. Please, practice positive politics.’

Earlier on Monday, speaker Abdul Hamid termed the remarks of Justice of the High Court on his remark and discussion-criticism over the matter as melancholic and unexpected.

The Speaker came up with the ruling at the beginning of parliament session.

He said, “The remark made by the Justice on parliament is not decent and it is of personal attack and he should not mingle the whole judiciary in this matter.”

On May 29, the Speaker of the national parliament, Abdul Hamid, said court is neutral and independent. But, it is not good to see that the authority takes quick steps for solving their own problems while spend years for giving people justice.

Urging the Supreme Court authority to reconsider the high Court’s order that asked the roads and highway department to hand over the land of Supreme Court he said, “People may resist the verdict of judiciary if it makes people unhappy.”

On June 5, the High Court said recent comment of Speaker Abdul Hamid Advocate about judiciary is ‘tantamount to sedition’.

Speaker should face sedition charge as he urged people to stand against judiciary, the HC elaborated.

An HC bench comprising of Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury and Justice Jahangir Hossain came up with the observation while hearing a writ petition on handing over the land of Supreme Court.

The court also questioned about the speaker’s certificate as Bar member for his derogative remark.

Besides, the court also wanted to know whether he could use the title ‘advocate’ with his name as there is a temporary stay on his lawyer certificate.

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