Force me to act as a lawmaker and minister: Taj (Video)

Sohel Taj on Thursday said that the attempt to ‘force me to act as a lawmaker and minister despite resigning from both the posts is unconstitutional and violation of human rights’. Expressing his surprise as well as frustration over the Speaker’s decision not to accept his resignation as a Member of Parliament.

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“Since I am unable to carry out my responsibility as a lawmaker and minister I have resigned from both the positions. After resigning from the post of the lawmaker, I have talked to the Speaker twice. I thought that as a neutral person the Speaker would accept the resignation letter but his decision not to accept my resignation letter has stunned me,” told Taj.

“To resign from a post is one’s personal freedom and one has the right to take a decision on his own. But now the situation in which I was put, is violation of basic human rights. My request is that none should play game with my personal right because it will not bring good for anyone,” he said.

Taj said that the attempt to reject his resignation is meaningless.

“And I consider it as totally unconstitutional because I am unable to carry out my responsibility” he added.

He also mentioned that since he resigned from the post of the state minister for home, disbursement of his salary had been halted.

“But all of a sudden all my arrear salary was deposited in my account. I was surprised when I came to know it. Why should I take money for a position which I have deserted? This is totally immoral” he said.

Taj said, though his mother is ill, he cannot go to Bangladesh as he is yet to be issued a general passport after surrendering his diplomatic one.

He also alleged that his nephew was tortured by police recently without any reason. “We want to know under whose instruction this things are being done,” he asked.