Dialogue must to end political crisis: Mozena

US Ambassador Dan W Mozena Thursday stressed that there is no alternative to dialogue between political parties to end the stalemate in Bangladesh’s politics.

Political parties should sit together to find a way to resolve the ongoing political crisis as well as to hold the next election “in a free and fair manner”, he said.

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The US envoy came up with the call while addressing a press conference held in a city hotel— in a reaffirmation of US foreign Minister Hillary Clinton’s views expressed during her recent Bangladesh tour.

Mozena said Bangladesh has the potential to become as a middle-income country, and for that it needs “political stability and sustainable democracy”.

The diplomat struck a high note of optimism on this country’s future, saying that Bangladesh will soon grow as an important country for Asian economy if it can ensure political stability and strengthen its democracy.

Besides, the US ambassador called upon the government to hold talks with the neighbouring countries for solving bilateral issues.

He also expressed grave concern over killing and disappearance of political leaders.

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The Daily Sun