Narsingdi Mayor Killing: 3 gunmen took part in attack

Being shot in the chest twice by a masked youth, Narsingdi mayor Lokman Hossain stood up from his chair and looked around for shelter. But in no time, another youth, also masked, entered the room and fired at Lokman's abdomen.

While the first gunman who entered the district Awami League office on Sadar Road was a youth of about 25 wearing black pants and a blue T-shirt, the second youth, aged about 20, was wearing a blue shirt, The Daily Star has learnt from witnesses.

The gunmen stormed the office between 7:30pm and 7:45pm on November 1 when Lokman was talking with some locals about the preparation of Eid celebration.

Before opening fire, the first gunman, a slim-figure youth, asked all those present in the room to leave at once.

Md Zaman, a stamp vendor who was inside the room during the shooting, yesterday said they were in good mood having fried rice when three youths entered the room in quick succession.

Five others, all masked, stood on guard outside the office, he added.

At the time of the shooting there was no power supply at the AL office although there was no load shedding in the area. They were then using generator power.

An official of the Palli Bidyut office told The Daily Star on November 2 that the power line of the office might have been disconnected by someone from the outside. The official confirmed that there was no load shedding in the area when the shooting took place.

“Lokman Bhai screamed before he collapsed. Then a third youth [also masked] entered the room and started shooting at him," said Sudipta Saha, one of Lokman's close friends, who was also present at the time.

No further detail about the third shooter was available.

The assailants left the room as soon as Lokman fell on the ground, Sudipta said, adding that they fired two shots in the air as they left.

“I then started running behind one of the killers. He turned around and shot at me. But, I didn't stop. After running for some distance, I saw two other youths running away,” said Zaman.

“I shouted for help to catch them as I continued running behind one of them. But, I had to give in when he again fired at me. I lay down on the street to protect myself from the bullets,” Zaman said, adding that the killers by that time managed to flee the area.

He said he could not recognise any of them as they all were masked.

Hearing him screaming, some locals came out to help but the killers continued firing in the air so that the people could not go near them.

Ohi Bhushan Chakraborti, a vice president of Narsingdi district AL, who sat on the left side of Lokman during the shooting, said he was dumfounded for a few seconds and could not decide what to do.

He then started screaming for help holding Lokman in his arms. Lokman was bleeding profusely, he said.

Locals gathered inside the room within 10 to 15 minutes by when Lokman was set to send to a hospital.

After a three-hour battle for life, Lokman died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

News Source: 
The Daily Star