NHRC to file case against IG Prisons this week

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is likely to file a case against Inspector General (IG) of Prisons Brigadier General Ashraful Islam Khan this week for violating the NHRC Act, 2009.

The NHRC has urged the government to take action against the IG Prisons and waited for one and a half months to see action against him. But the government has failed to act against him taking into consideration of the Commission’s plea.

So the commission has taken preparation for filing a case with the High Court against the IG Prisons and the case is likely to be lodged at the end of this week after completion of necessary formalities, NHRC insiders said.

NHRC Chairman Prof. Dr Mizanur Rahman had tried in vein to pay an unannounced visit to Sylhet Central Jail on 29 September to see if the human rights of prisoners were protected.

But the local jail authority barred him from entering the jail saying that the IG Prisons had ordered them not to allow anyone inside the jail without prior-permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Following the Sylhet incident, the NHRC chairman had told daily sun that the Commission was expecting government action against the IG Prisons and the Commission would move to the High Court against him in case of the government inaction on the issue.

He had further said that the Commission went to visit the jail after receiving several complaints of human rights violation there. But the IG Prisons did not allow him to enter the jail because he might notice the irregularities and corruption in jails.

At a recent discussion the NHRC chairman said it is an open secret that there are irregularities, corruption and violation of human rights in jails across the country and even prisoners are given less quantity of food the government actually had allocated for them.

He further said the IG Prisons barred the NHRC from visiting the Sylhet jail so that the corruption occurring there and in other jails of the country are not disclosed. But he will not be able to save his skin by preventing the NHRC from jails as he will have to answer all allegations of irregularities, corruption and abuses prevalent in jails across the country.

According to Article 12(C) of the NHRC Act, 2009 the Commission can visit any jail or any other places where persons are detained or lodged for the purpose of correction, custody, treatment, or such other welfare, and to make recommendation to the government there on for the development of those places and their conditions.

And, the rights commission will lodge case against the IG Prisons for violating this Article of the NHRC Act, insiders observed.

News Source: 
The Daily Sun