PM getting isolated from people for ministers’ failures: NHRC boss

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman Dr Minzanur Rahman Wednesday rang the alarm bell that the distance between the mass people and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is widening following recent failures of some of her cabinet colleagues.

“You please sack both the communications and the shipping ministers immediately if you do not really want to create any further distance with the masses,” said the chief of the constitutional body, pointing his finger at the premier.

He came up with such observations while addressing a rally of teachers, students and professionals gathered under the slogan ‘We want the assurance of normal death’ at the Central Shaheed Minar in the city.

Referring to the recent statement delivered by Awami League general secretary and LGRD minister Syed Ashraful Islam, he said, “Arrest and try those who you think are hatching a conspiracy to kill the premier.”

Earlier, minister Ashraf had repeatedly stated that a “conspiracy” is still on steam for creating the ground for eliminating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Fathers of both were assassinated in the 1975 political vortex.

Pointing at the minister the NHRC chief said: “Don’t create panic by delivering such alarming speech. As the communications and shipping misters are responsible for creating the distance between the Prime Minister and the people as a whole, you had better fire them.”

The professor of law also opined that the unusually occurring unnatural deaths are a violation of human rights.
Referring to the recent fatal road accidents he said: The accidents are taking place for the unskilled drivers, recklessly-driven vehicles and dilapidated conditions of the roads and highways.

“As the state cannot avoid responsibility for any such accidents, the ministers responsible for this should resign immediately, taking the blame for these unnatural deaths,’’ he added.

The rally was also addressed, among others, by former director- general of Shipakala Academy Kamal Lohani, Barrister Sarah Hossain and Asif Munir, younger brother of media personality Mishuk Munier who died recently in a fatal road accident in Manikganj.

At the rally, civil rights campaigners announced their stance that they would observe Eid festival at the Central Shaheed Minar in the capital if the communications minister was not fired from the cabinet by August 31.

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