Single women, married men can't mix

Namira is a 30 year old working woman and has several married men at work asking her out for coffee, inviting her to watch a movie or even offering a "no strings attached" relationship if she is willing to take the offer. There are several other women like namira who face these advances from married men not only at work but also outside work.

She says, "I had so many male friends earlier who got married. Now it is difficult to maintain the same friendship with them because every time I ask them out for coffee or just sharing a conversation the way they used to before, I have to think twice because her spouse would not appreciate that.

Secondly, today men are also wanting a way out from the daily humdrum of life and so seek single women companions to share their everyday problems and in the process get involved."

Iqbal Ashiq, a 35 year old businessman says that it is not always about trying to have a sexual relationship with a single woman. He says, "It never starts off that way. Initially, it's just friendship but then regular meetings and finding solace in each other's company sometimes leads to sex. You watch movies, go out for coffee and take care of each other as friends initially but then the attraction increases and then you end up having a relationship."

Married men are often accused of generally making advances at single women under the excuse that they don't get any emotional support from their wives and when it comes to freedom and enjoying life, it's better done with friends than their wives. Wives are also sometimes aware of this special 'friend' her husband has and generally keeps quiet about it.

So then, when it is already difficult for single women to find a social life, she has to cut off from her good male pals also when they get married. Namira says, "It is sad but it is better to find single men friends then be friends with some married guy who is forever thinking of his wife's reaction to the friendship or wanting to make indecent proposals later."