Carnival Restaurant

The Carnival Restaurant opened on September 2011 with the aim of giving us Dhaka dwellers a taste of the Southern Asia. Carnival offers Chinese, Thai, Indian and Malaysian Chinese cuisine along with Continental cuisine with a wide range of wonderful dishes. Among all the cuisines, the Malaysian Chinese fusion cuisine is truly a delight.

It is unique and the first of its kind in Dhaka and definitely worth a try. Along with appetizers and soups, there is fish, prawn, crab and squid for those who want a taste of seafood. Dishes with chicken, duck, beef and lamb is available and for vegetarian out there, Tofu along with other vegetable dishes is also an option. Each of these main course dishes are on an average between Tk 415 up to Tk 985.

The Thai and Chinese cuisines are also worth a try where the main course dishes are priced between Tk 375 to Tk 1,375. There is also an Indian cuisine with traditional Indian food such as tandoori red and white meat and Handi and Karai prepared dishes. Each of these authentic Indian dishes is priced between Tk 275 to Tk 575.

While Carnival offers a la carte services, it also has lunch buffet, set menus and its special ‘Carnival Food Journey’. With the food journey, you can pick any of the cuisines of your choice and you will be served unlimited all-you-can-eat food of a specially designed menu that will give you a true taste of that food culture. You can either pick the Malay, Thai or Indian Food Journey which are priced at Tk 545, Tk 465 and Tk 458 (per person) respectively. Other than that, there is also a lunch buffet with delicious mouth-watering dishes that comes at Tk 499 per person.

House 1, Road 35
Gulshan 2, Dhaka9
Tel: 881616061

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