Tarana Halim

Facebook block not related to execution of war criminals: Tarana

State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim yesterday said there is no relevance between the blocking of virtual social network Facebook and the execution of two war criminals.

Tarana vows win-win environment in telecom sector

State Minister for Posts and Telecommunication Division Tarana Halim today said she wants to create investment friendly industry where every party would be in a win-win position.

10 citizens get ‘Ansarullah death threats’

A radical Islamist group, believed to be Ansarullah Bangla Team, has threatened to kill 10 eminent citizens of the country including ruling party leaders, academicians and secular activists terming them atheists and anti-Islam.

Bangladesh’s ‘golden girls’ at Beijing+20 meet

Irani Akhter and Tamanna Khatun from Satkhira district are volunteers who, beside their studies, make every effort to bring women to health centres during pregnancy and childbirth.

UN praise for Hijra recognition

The UN director for Asia and the Pacific region has praised Bangladesh's recognition of transgender people. “It recognises that transgender population exists,” Steve Kraus said at a press conference on the sidelines of an Asia- Pacific AIDS congress being held in the Thai capital Bangkok.

Bangladesh must win against poverty, hopes PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterated her firm determination to build Bangladesh as a developed and prosperous country by overpowering poverty. "We don't want to beg to anybody and we don't want to move by begging. I believe that the nation which achieved independence through Liberation War must be a developed and prosperous country by winning the war against poverty," she said.

BNP doesn’t represent Jamaat-Hefajat

Opposition BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir categorically said BNP is not supposed to look into the politics of Jamaat and Hefajat, because it does not represent those two parties.

Don't play money game with national election: Rehman Sobhan

Eminent economist Prof Rehman Sobhan on Monday suggested earmarking a ‘democracy fund’ in the upcoming national budget for election expenditures to keep the national election out of the traditional money game.

India gets GI patent rights of Jamdani, fajli and Nakshi from Bd

Besides Teesta river water and demarcation of land boundary, Bangladesh has another issue it wants to sort out with India. It claims that at least three products for which the country has acquired patent actually can be traced back to its own territory.

India has got Geographical Indication (GI) patent rights for the famous Jamdaani sarees, Nakshi Kantha (a kind of fabric which has tales inscribed on it) and Fazli mangoes.

Accident is Accident" Ashraf’s remark draws flak from all quarters

Syed Ashraful Islam’s remark—that ‘accident is accident and there is no justification for protesting deaths in road accidents’ –opened the floodgates to angry reactions from all quarters.

Road crash fatalities “mere accidents”: Syed Ashraf

Syed Ashraful Islam in parliament yesterday termed the road crash fatalities “mere accidents” and apparently criticised newspapers for describing those as “killings”.

'No more licences under pressure'

MP Tarana Halim demands a public announcement that incompetent drivers will not be given licences.

No driving licence without test, please

Lawmaker and noted TV artiste Tarana Halim will go on a hunger strike unto death if the government issues driving licence without any test.

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