Telecommunications Minister Sahara denies 'allegations of failure'

Terming the recent reshuffle in the cabinet as a normal process in the government, newly appointed Posts and Telecommunications Minister Sahara Khatun denied ‘allegations of failure’ during her time in charge of the Home ministry.

Sahara said she took the Home ministry as a challenge and tried hard to run the ministry smoothly and now the Post and Telecommunication Ministry will also be a challenge to her.

She was addressing the high officials of the home ministry when newly appointed Home Minister MK Alamgir was taking charge from her on Monday evening.

Earlier, in the morning, Shahra took the charge of Post and Telecommunication Ministry.

In the meeting with the high-ups of Post and Telecommunication Ministry, Sahara said Post and Telecommunication ministry has a long story of success and her duty would be to ensure the continuation of the success and achieve further development in the last year of the present government.

She took the charge after a delay as she was abroad, she explained.

Former Post and Telecommunication minister Raji Uddin Raju was also present during the meeting

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