Additional 20,000 mts hilsa likely to be produced this year

Additional 20,000 metric tonnes of hilsa are expected to be produced this year as small hilsa fishing was restricted for 7 months all over the country, Fisheries Department sources said.

Small hilsa fishing, carrying, selling and storage were restricted for 7 months from November 1, 2011 all over the country to ensure its uninterrupted breeding and development.

RAB, Police, Coast Guard, fisheries department, upazila administration and Navy launched 1,313 operations during this period and seized huge fishing nets, small hilsa and various materials.

Previously a restriction was imposed from October 6 to 16 on hilsa fishing, catching, selling, storage and carrying.

Dr AKM Aminul Haque, Deputy Director of Barisal divisional Fisheries Department, told UNB that the ban was imposed on hilsa fishing so that small hilsa can become bigger.

He said during various operations nearly 1000 maunds of small hilsa, various nets worth Tk 38 crore, 14.85 lakh small prawns, 176 drums and other fishing equipment were seized.

During the period, 449 mobile courts, led by executive magistrates, jailed 6 persons for 1/2 months and filed 35 cases.

He also said because of 7 months small hilsa fishing restriction all over the country 3.60 lakh metric tonnes hilsa will be produced this season against 3.40 lakh mts hilsa in the previous season.

Now 4.50 lakh fishermen of 1,500 unions under 145 upazilas of 40 districts are engaged in catching fish in the Bay of Bengal.

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