FM terms Maritime Victory : Outcome of sleepless nights

Foreign Minister Dr. Dipu Moni Saturday said the historic victory over the Bangladesh-Myanmar maritime dispute is the outcome of many sleepless nights with full dedication, excellence, perseverance and tireless work.

“We had started work on the issue after assuming power and at one stage, our expected victory came,” she added.

The minister came up with assessment while addressing a seminar titled ‘ITLOS verdict on Bangladesh-Myanmar maritime dispute dissolve: A significant example in maritime law’ at about 11am.

Law Commission organized the seminar at National Planning and Development Academy auditorium.

The foreign minister said “Various documents were studied and many surveys conducted as a preparatory effort to place our fair demand before the International Court. The ministry had carried out the work with hard labour.

“We attained our fair pay by maintaining good relation with the neighboring country, not involving any dispute with them. Long time dispute is over between two countries through the verdict,” Dr. Dipu Moni added.

Criticizing opposition party, she told the audience, “It is not fair to oppose the victory just for sack of opposing sans collecting accurate information. It is the victory of Bangladesh as well as Sheikh Hasina government.

With law Commission Acting Chairman Professor Dr. Shah Alam in the chair, the seminar was attended by Law, justice and parliamentary affairs minister Barrister Shafique Ahmed, state minister for law Quamrul Islam, National Human Rights Commission Chairman Dr. Mizanur Rahman.

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