Huge tailback on Dhk-Comilla highway

Thousands of people had to undergo severe sufferings for several hours since Friday morning as transport drivers protested a government decision not to allow vehicles on Daudkandi Bridge packed with more than 15 tonnes of goods.

The gridlock ensued from the toll plaza of the bridge in Comilla in the morning when the authorities barred the good-laden trucks to cross the bridge with the government-measured load as a repair work of the bridge is underway.

Being resisted, the drivers of the trucks kept their vehicles on the highway and started demonstration, causing immense traffic congestion that eventually spread to several kilometres on the highway between Comilla and Dhaka.

The spillover forced thousands of vehicles to remain standstill on both sides of the highway triggering sufferings on the weekend.

Later, law enforcers rushed to the scene and managed to force the drivers to go ahead, minimising the crisis a bit.

News Source: 
The Daily Star