Bangladesh upgraded to Tier 2 in US TIP report

Bangladesh was upgraded to “Tier 2” in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, 2012 released by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington on Tuesday.

The report says Bangladesh was upgraded to ‘’Tier 2’’ in recognition of the Bangladesh government’s important accomplishments in the past year, including enactment of the landmark Human Trafficking Deterrence and Suppression Act.

The Parliament passed the law in February this year. The government also launched a National Plan of Action for Combating Human Trafficking in May.

The report says these steps ensure Bangladesh has a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder legal framework to address all forms of trafficking, including labor trafficking and trafficking of men.

TIP report observes Bangladesh’s immediate challenge and opportunity will be to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of the new law and plan of action to develop an effective regime of prevention, protection and prosecution.

It says the U.S. Government strongly supports the Bangladesh government’s efforts to address trafficking and will continue its support through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s program Actions for Combating Trafficking in Persons (ACT).

ACT works with NGO partners such as Winrock International and with the Ministry of Home Affairs to develop a comprehensive approach to the prosecution of traffickers, protection of victims and prevention of the crime of trafficking.

A release of the US embassy in Dhaka said this year’s TIP Report theme is “The Promise of Freedom.”

It says the theme encourages every government, including the United States, to commit to fulfilling the promise of freedom from slavery embodied in modern anti-trafficking laws and international protocols by punishing traffickers, providing services and legal recourse to victims and preventing the crime of trafficking from occurring.

As required by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the TIP Report assesses governments around the world on their efforts to combat modern slavery.

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