Baby bath, Fun time

While bath-time translates to fun and relaxation for us adults, it is often quite the opposite for babies. Bathing them is more of a parenting ritual than a regime for cleaning. They scream and cry just as we dip them onto the tub causing, if not anybody else, but their mothers to panic. If you're a first time mum, you need to know that there may be a few simple reasons for this.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Child

Child adoption can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life for both you and your child. It really is wonderful and amazing to open your heart and home to a child that did not come from your womb, but you're willing to love and nurture her just the same.

Have you crossed the five stages of love?

Researchers have identified five stages of love, which would decide whether you would be able to cement the relationship or leave midway. Each stage can be relived and recaptured among couples, who face different life challenges together, said a latest survey by the UK dating website eHarmony.

How men’s behaviour changes with the height of your heel

If you need help from men on the road, wear high heels. This is the message from a new study, revealing that how the height of a woman’s shoe heel influences how men behave towards her.

Exercising a fat dog, and yourself

The chubby, inert pet dog has become a familiar household sight in richer countries. And yet there lies a possible boon to the out-of-shape among us. A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might get the owner moving too.

Tips to avoid blowing up your wedding budget

While people may know the basics to sticking within their budget like not overdoing it with over-the-top florals, there are some less obvious ways to keep the budget in check.

Marital bliss lessens over time

The threat of marriages hitting rock bottom in 10 years time is fairly real, says a study, adding that if a couple can stay together for another five years, the missing romance may rekindle again.

Distraction is not really bad for learning

A new study challenges the idea that distraction is necessarily a problem while learning. Researchers at Brown University in the US have found that as long as our attention is as divided when we have to recall a motor skill as it was when we learned it, we will do just fine.

Don’t be an office jerk to sell fresh ideas: Study

You do not need to behave like a jerk to come up with fresh and original ideas, but sometimes being disagreeable is just what is needed to sell your ideas successfully to others, reveals a study.

Punishment not the cure for kids who lie

If you want your kids to speak the truth, it is best not to threaten to punish them if they lie.

Doggy finally gets perfect loving home after a thousand days in Shelter

"I just loved her instantly -- she has such a sweet face and her loving personality shines through in her photos and that's sort of when I thought 'I have to give this dog a home!'" Flickinger said.

Laughing gas can treat severe depression

Used as an anesthetic in medicine and dentistry, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, may also help treat severe depression in patients whose symptoms do not respond to standard therapies, finds a research.

Not to DO's without him!

Plan to leave your home and the other half to go on holiday with friends? Great idea to rest by women , but there are things that are strictly forbidden to do during your vacation in the absence of a Man.

For kids with autism, a ‘flight’ to ease stress

With boarding passes in hand, children with autism spectrum disorders and their families took part in an air travel rehearsal at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Are you a shopaholic?

Which woman in her right mind hasn’t sighed while watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic?’ After all there is something about being able to buy all those beautiful stuff that seems to make them grow weak in the knees.

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