Winter is coming: Be prepared

Autumn is just not the end of the dreadful summer/monsoon; it's also the beginning of winter. Many might argue Bangladesh sees little changes with season; but hey, winter is coming and there are some preparations to undertake.

The unexpected holidays named Hartals

While the rest of the world is intrigued at the idea of 'hartal', for us Bangladeshi people, hartal is, well, a part and parcel of our lives. We plan our day to day activities keeping hartal in mind. We sometimes even miss hartals when things get a bit 'too' smooth (from a student's perspective).

Manipulative parents leave kids in distress later

Teenagers whose parents exert more psychological control over them have more problems establishing friendships and romantic relationships later, found a study.

Tips from Selfie Queen!

'My selfie is cool, Let me check yours?'.'Oh crap! you look ugly buddy'. Keeping pace with tradition, we all take selfie. And most of the time we heard such comments or do not have much likes on facebook. Here is a video presented by Airtel Buzz with 10 tips for taking better Selfies.

Seeking perfection in everything may trigger suicide tyle

If you look for perfection in everything you do but sometimes fail to achieve that, do not lose heart too often else it may trigger suicide risk.

Drawing a perfect circle freehand

Learn this simple technique to help you draw a near perfect circle freehand. Could be useful for drawing charts and diagrams, and sketches.

Supportive partner at home key to avoid job stress

Do not just blame tough deadlines, demanding bosses or abusive colleagues for burnouts at work. Having an understanding partner at home is just as important as having a supportive boss for a satisfying work experience.

How to avoid falling in love with a friend

Having a close circle of friends might be great in many ways, but there are more chances of falling for them. Look for other ways to find the perfect match rather than just looking around to see who’s nearby.

Study about Online harassment

Just look at the string of photo stealing incidents—particularly the celebrity iCloud hacking scandal—and it is easy to see how easily and quickly these things can not only occur but can spread too.

How to deal with workplace bullying

If you are a victim of bullying at the workplace, instead of suffering it silently find a co-worker with whom you could share your story, a study suggests.

Here’s how sibling rivalry can take an ugly turn

Parents, take note! Sibling rivalry may not be harmless after all!
Being bullied regularly by a sibling could put children at risk of depression when they are older, a new study has warned.

Break-ups can shoo away your Twitter followers

If you have gone through break-up woes recently, be ready to lose your twitter followers too.

Online relationships may lead to speedy break-ups

Are you looking for a spouse or a companion on social media? Be careful in both the cases as it may result in a speedy break-up.
New study shows higher break-up rates for couples who met online compared to offline whether they were in marital or non-marital romantic relationships.

Do you hate someone? You need treatment

Do you hate someone or something? Or do you know someone who hates you? The level of hatred and violence is unfortunately on the rise. And this is certainly polluting our world. We experience hatred and violence at different levels.

Marital woes can make you fat

If you have a history of depression, picking up fights with your better half could increase the risk of obesity by altering how the body processes high-fat foods, says a new researc

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