A Simple Candle Project for everyone

Giving handmade presents makes each gift extra special. These citrus and spice candles with personalized belly wraps can be given to all your friends and family.

While searching your date online...

So, do you search your date online?

DIY colorful 3D geometric wall art

. Aside from wall art, this project also doubles as a photo booth prop, and if you have the time, it would make an awesome photo booth backdrop too.

Handbag Trends: All-time in fashion

The best bag trends for all time come in all different sizes and shapes. Now we are seeing trends for transparent finishes, compact clutch bags, and two tone bags. There are many different bag trends to love right now. Check out some of the best bag trends.

Your kitten licking you: What it means

You're sitting on the couch, watching TV, when your cat comes up and starts licking you, and you don't know why.

Floral design for home decorations

Flowers are always a symbol of beauty and peace. Their soothing scents attract all. No matter which season it is, floral designs have always been a favorite with most people. This is a style that is easy to follow without going overboard.

A million things more...

But she knew, that he knew she was a million things he had ever encountered before.

Rules to keep in mind while writing a résumé

Professionaly speaking, your resume is a mirror of what your career has been like and what you can offer in terms of professionalism to your prospective employer. But a CV full of typos, errors and cluttered information doesn't create a good impression. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while writing your resume.

Human foods that your doggy needs to avoid

There’s nothing worse than having your dog suffer over a simple mistake in diet. While they’re still man’s best friend, they probably shouldn’t eat like your best friend.

Mother's opinion matters for dating

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s something to think about: Winning over mom may sound old-fashioned, but it’s still a smart strategy in today’s fast-changing, app-tapping, hookup-happy world of dating.

What to do when alone at home?

A lot of women nowadays choose to live alone not just to be closer to their work, but also to have a sense of independence. However, with the perks of living alone also come disadvantages, with safety being the biggest concern.

Don't bind yourself of fear of molestation

Eve teasing occurs everyday in every corner of the region and has now become a trend among cheap men. Women have always faced this because they are being always thought of lacking physical power.

Cat helps kitten to make sense of dog

"Dear kitten, you may have noticed that there's a new thing in the house," the cat begins, with the tone of someone about to drop a bombshell. "It is called a 'dog'... Imagine a cat. Now take away cleanliness, independence, and intelligence. What you have left is basically a dog."

Make your home pet friendly

A four-legged friend can completely change the dynamics of your home. Pets are known to bring families closer and even reduce stress levels.

Insta Happiness

The next time you’re having a case of the sulking, try these steps to feel happy instantly.

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