Who's your favorite superhero?

Do you remember running around the house with your siblings pretending to be the ever popular Batman or the cult favorite He-man? We're all guilty of it, but now the comic-book lover in you can actually wear the look and flaunt the trend in all its glory.

Bosses use social media more than employees, study proves

Bosses are more likely to use social media for private purposes during working hours than their subordinates, a new study has found.

Give your pet a 'happy birthday paw-rty'!

It's the age of the affluent pet! Canines and kittens seem to be doing everything from wearing luxury clothes, to eating the priciest food, globetrotting with their 'pet parents', and inheriting a fortune a la designer Alexander McQueen - who left generous £50000 to his three Bull Terriers. And guess what?

Things that should not be trashed yet

You recycle cans, bottles, and paper products. You compost. You ask for paper bags in lieu of plastic. (You may even tote around a reusable shopping bag.)But if you're tossing your electronics into the garbage, you're neglecting a big part of your environmental duties.

An app to prevent you from drunk texting

Every time you get sloshed you regret the stuff you did last night like drunk texting, drunk dialing and well sometimes you end up in places you don't know. Rejoice! There is now an app to prevent you from ending up in such embarrassing situations. Your saving grace is an app, Drunk Mode which will prevent you from making those infamous calls and texts and help you be on the lookout for your boozed up friends.

How men’s behaviour changes with the height of your heel

If you need help from men on the road, wear high heels. This is the message from a new study, revealing that how the height of a woman’s shoe heel influences how men behave towards her.

Hate your job? It may be good for your memory

If you hate your job because it requires complex work with other people or data, you may now discard the negative thoughts as researchers have found that complex jobs help people retain their memory and thinking skills even after retirement.

Social media use at work hampers productivity

The use of online social media for personal use during working hours can have a detrimental effect on employees’ performance and the well-being of organisations, warn new research.

Help your dog adapt to baby in the family

An Australian veterinarian couple Lewis Kirkham and his wife Debra, who work at the University of Melbourne's Veterinary Hospital, have developed a guide Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant so that families can prepare their dog for the noises and household changes that a new baby brings. They are hoping that their book can help in building a strong bond between dog and baby. The veterinarian Lewis Kirkham said that dogs need help adapting to life with a new baby.

Women bosses more prone to depression

Job authority increases symptoms of depression among women but decreases them among men, a study from University of Texas at Austin finds.

Georgia O’Keeffe painting sets new record of $44.4 million

Georgia O’Keeffe painting sets new record of $44.4 million for work by female artist

Stagnant relationships kill pleasant memories

While highly committed people remember their relationship history accurately, couples in trouble do not, says new research.

Just a video tutorial for your grand occasion!

Do you remember that photo of your mother, yellowed at the edges. It has 25 years behind it or more. Suddenly, it occurs to you. Want to look as she looked on the day she married your father?

Intense emotional arousal triggers Twitter addiction

A team of researchers has found that strong emotional arousal is what makes some users get obsessed with the micro-blogging site.

A single kiss can transfer 80 million bacteria

Kiss, the very primary phase of physical love, may transmit 80 million bacteria to beloved’s body. Among the 100 trillion microbes living in our bodies, some 700 bacteria varieties live in our mouths alone. So, when we share love, we share some bacteria too.

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