Credit card- Financial Standing or Ruin!

A credit card could help improve your financial standings, it could also throw you into financial ruin. Because of this, there are some things you should think twice about before swiping your card.

Becoming more positive

When something goes horribly wrong, our emotions hardly feel like a choice. It's logical to feel upset, angry or guilty about a negative situation, so it only makes sense to react accordingly, right?

Don't worry about cleaning your Gold Jewellery

Not everyone can afford to take a trip to the jewellery store every time their jewellery pieces need a proper cleaning. The great news is that there are a few tips on how to clean your gold jewellery that you can actually use in cleaning different types of jewellery pieces.

If you really want to know woman's secret!

Though it is not that complicated to understand a woman, men have great difficulties with women's secrets. So here are some women`s secrets which I hope will help you to clear up the situation.

Wanna feel fresh in your office!

The environment you work in is important for your well-being. If you spend a great deal of time in one office, it is likely that your surroundings have become a blur to you. Just making a few simple changes could aid them in feeling happier and more satisfied at work, as well as physically more comfortable and healthy.

Importance of a strong parent-child bonding

Researchers have claimed that children having strong bonds to parents are likely to make positive, responsive pal, and would be much better at adapting to a difficult peer by asserting their needs.

How to break the ice in an arranged marriage

The dichotomy between love versus arranged marriages has always made for an interesting debate. Most youngsters believe that the former is always a safer bet. After all, it's a common notion that there is little possibility of romance between couples who meet through arranged matches!

Dating myths that keep you from finding love

Single and perpetually looking? Run through eight myths that may be keeping you from finding love. All those lucky in love would tell you that dating is the most fun part about being in a relationship for keeps.

Things to keep in mind when lending money

Money causes a lot of rifts among people, especially among friends and relatives. Hence, a lot of people do not encourage partnerships with friends or family, since it might lead to bitter the relationship. There are several situations when people might need money, and friends and relatives come are the first to our minds. Here are a few things one must keep in mind while lending money to a near one.

Most parents lie to their kids

A study of families in the United States and China has concluded that most parents tell lies to their children as a way of reinforcing desirable social behaviour.

Text habbits that people should be ashamed of

So, you think lying through a text is okay? Why do you think that? Is it beacause it's easier?

Mentally ill women at risk of sexual assault

Despite public concern about violence being perpetrated by patients with mental illness, researchers have found that women with severe mental illness are more likely to face sexual assault and domestic violence.

Reasons to get a pet home

Animals are beautiful creatures from outside as well as on the inside. Their souls are pure and all they feel are basic emotions like love, fear, hunger, grief and pain. They give you companionship, protection, faithfulness and shower you with endless love.

Reveal your inner Happiness

There are moments in life when you feel unhappy for no obvious reason and it seems everything in your life is so wrong. In fact, this happens to all people, including the most positive people. Don’t just wait out this bad period in your life, take the matters into your own hands instead. Take a look at the list of the things you can do when you’re unhappy for no reason.

A million things more...

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