Is your pet depressed?

Much has been said about depression, which is known to be the biggest silent killer. It is said to plague one in every two to three people, which, if left untreated, often leads to suicides. However, it's not something that affects only human beings, but also pets.

What does your selfie say about you?

The selfie culture has given rise to a whole new way of presenting yourself on the Internet. From the gregarious group selfies and lovey-dovey couplies to belfies — short for butt selfies — and drunk selfies, anything goes in the narcissistic selfie subculture that thrives on visually documenting every aspect of your life.

Keep your pooch fashionably cosy this winter

With the nip in the air, dogs who don't have enough fur on them will feel the chill as well.Here are a few clothing essentials that will protect your pet from getting fever and flu. They'll also give your pooch a sharp and trendy appearance.

How to avoid jealously between twins

Raising two children of the same age can be a Herculean task, but what do you do when your twins are jealous of each other? Here's how to handle them.

Healing plants for your garden

If you have a place where you can grow your own plants, instead of the usual ones like roses, hibiscus and tulsi, try nurturing the following healing shrubs.

Why you need friends outside your relationship

Most of us satisfied within our relationships and since then meaning of a modern relationship has changed with it no more being just a boyfriend, but also the best friend, most people tend to shut themselves from the outside world. But this might be hampering your relationship in more unseen ways than you can imagine.

Hacks to lift your mood

A new study has recently revealed that people use facial expression to help recall an emotion.

Keep your child stress-free after exams

It is but normal for you to want to know how your child has fared in his or her exam. But the examinations have already taken a toll on your child's mind and further introspection can make him or her panicked. We tell you how you can help your child come out of this phase.

Build a bond with your teen

Connecting with their teenage kid is probably one of the most difficult tasks parents face. A teenager goes through several phases in his/her growing up years -hormonal changes, stress to fit into the society circle, romance and the pressure to stay with the times. If you want your teen to confide in you, forging a strong bond with him or her is important. Here's how you can befriend your teen.

Facts and myths about suicide

The World Health Organisation (WHO)'s first global report on suicide prevention is an alarming one. With approximately 800,000 persons dying from suicide globally every year, it means that there is one death every 40 seconds.

Is This How We Date Now?

Say we find that person we love who loves us. Commitment. Intimacy. “I love you.” We do it. We find it. Then, quickly, we live it for others. We tell people we’re in a relationship on Facebook. We throw our pictures up on Instagram. We become a “we.”

Women more nutritionally knowledgeable than men

Women are, in general, more nutritionally knowledgeable and engage in healthier food shopping strategies than men, says a new research.

Falling in love tops New Year resolutions: Study

The website found that both men and women want similar things when it comes to their New Year resolutions, reports
Out of the 1,000 single men and women polled, 57 per cent said that they want to fall in love this year.

It’s time to take control of your memories

There is something strange and engineered about calendars. They are an imperative that we must forget the old, ring in the new, and start things afresh. The digital world with its atemporal timelines and flattened surfaces, is perfect for this kind of forgetting.

Do you gain or lose weight when stressed?

For most people, stress goes beyond the usual feeling of anxiety and discomfort. While it adds to weight gain in most people, there are others who lose weight drastically when under stress.

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