Recipe: Ice cream cake with Oreo cookies

Here's something that you can't let your hands off. A mouth-watering dessert in the form of an ice cream cake with Oreo cookies, I bet you wouldn't want be interested in the main course.

Recipe: Cheesy chicken burger

A quick chicken sandwich or burger is ideal when you are pressed for time and do not want to compromise on quality and taste

Healthy munch: Broccoli Tikki recipe

A crispy and delicious teatime/evening snack or can also be served as a starter/appetizer to any meal. Best served warm with chutney or sauce of choice.

The easiest cake in the world!

Here's how you can spend a holiday afternoon with kids, rustling up the easiest cake in the world that many a kid has successfully made and believed themselves to be a little chef!

Handy culinary uses of lemon you must know

Lemons are a healthy flavour enhancer and the citrus fruit has a host of benefits too. Here's what to do with them...

Beat the bloat with these foods

We all go through those (frankly embarrassing) days when the stomach bloats up. And sometimes no matter what you do, nothing really helps.

Iftar Special: Paneer Cutlet

It is a delicious snack and easy to make for iftar. Enjoy the recipe!

Recipe: Instant garlic bread with toppings

Instant Garlic Bread with Toppings -- A quick snack that's mostly a hit with the kids.

Iftar Special: Delicious dips to go with nachos

Rodeo was launched in the spring of 1994 as the first ever authentic Mexican restaurant in India. Back then, it originally commenced as a restaurant sans liquor with its specialty in Tex-Mex cuisine, the fusion food from Americas that reflects the Latin American and South American culture.

Simple summer salad recipe

The best way to stay cool during this hot season is by altering your diet. Include some light foods that will not contribute to heat up your system.

Microwave lemon tart recipe

This easy-to-follow recipe, straight from your microwave, is sure to delight your guests...

Kebab recipes: Mutton Galawati, Kakori Kebabs

We simply love kebabs. We serve kebabs for appetizers when hosting guests over. We don't think twice before calling in for kebabs from the local market as a quick snack.

Easy ways to cook your veggies

Here are five basic ways of cooking your veggie. Enjoy!!

Iftar Special: Easy microwave chocolate cake

A great recipe for beginners, this sinful, fudgey and microwaveable chocolate cake recipe is your spot-on fix to all those midnight chocolate cravin

Foods that are bad for your teeth

There are some foods that are especially harmful for your teeth and having these can lead to several problems.

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