Eid Special: Tandoori fish

Fish marinated in line and ginger and cooked over an open fire.This is a very simple and easy way to make tandoori fish. Enjoy the recipe!

Eid Special:Egg pakora

While there's a huge variety of crunchy pakoras, flavourful egg pakora is enough to make your evenings crispy. Enjoy the Eid Special Egg pakora.

Easy and Cheesy way to make Paneer Cutlet

It is a delicious snack, also it is a very healthy iftra. Here is the recipe.

Different Eid curry : Lamb with peas

The secret of success in this recipe is to leave the lamb to cook on a very low heat. Serve this springtime dish with plenty of bread to mop up the sauce.

Eid Special Recipe Vermicelli coconut kheer

Here's how you can make this delicious dessert at home for Eid . Enjoy the recipe!

Iftar Special Healthy Recipe: Vegetable pesto pasta

Here are a easy and delicious recipe for meat lovers and healthy eaters. Enjoy the recipe!

Iftar Special :Potato rosti

Here's a quick recipe to the most popular Swiss recipe with a bit of Indian and healthier touch.Enjoy the recipe!

Healthy Iftar Recipe : Pineapple rice

This dish is a blend or sweet and spicy. A filling dish that can be a regular at the dining table for dinner and can also be a great dish for that Iftar and Sheri. Enjoy the ercipe!

Quick Quiche for a quick Iftaar

When you don't have the time to make a pastry crust, try this quick lunch idea. You may add any goodies you like, such as chicken, shrimp or broccoli.

Southwestern Egg Rolls for Iftaar

These aren't traditional egg rolls! Small flour parathas are stuffed with an exciting blend of Southwestern-style ingredients, then deep fried until golden brown.

Healthy side dish for Iftaar: Ginger Veggie Stir-Fry

The dish has a mild ginger flavor that can be enhanced according to taste, and is filling yet light on the tummy! Tofu may be added. Serve over a bed of steamed Basmati rice and mmm..delicious!

Try them! Ideas to use Overripe Fruits

A lot of tasty fruits in your kitchen and time passed to eat them now. Don't throw them. Here offering you a solution to this problem, or rather, the whole new ways to use overripe fruit.

Choco bar in your choco drink

The rains are here. And what better than a cup of hot chocolate to beat the monsoon blues. Here's what you should know if you wish to savour the true lusciousness of a mug of hot chocolate.

Eid Special:Gosht Dum Biryani

Here is a Eid Special Recipe of Gosht Dum Biryani. Enjoy the recipe!

Junk Iftaar: Hot Dogs with Coney Sauce

Always a hit with adults and kids alike. Top with shredded cheese and chopped onions.

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