Delicious ways to use pineapple

When you think of tropical delights, the one fruit that comes to mind is the evergreen pineapple! Be it for table decoration or for various small eats and even mains - the versatile fruit can be eaten, dressed and arranged for a visual or a tasty treat. Here's how you can use it in your food.

Handy culinary uses of lemon you must know

Lemons are a healthy flavour enhancer and the citrus fruit has a host of benefits too. Here's what to do with them...

Recipe: Chocolate Mousse

Tapas style or small plates menus were a showoff for a while, but it is now time for dessert tasting menus and mini size desserts. Post dinner conversations bring carvings for desserts. Mini, bite size are the new trend in desserts and most restaurants and brunch buffets offers tasting platters.

Recipe: Nachos Delight

It wouldn't be wrong to say that nachos have been giving tough competition to our all time movie hall favourite, popcorns.

Benefits of chocolate milk

Chocolate milk has it all whether it comes to proteins, carbs, sugar or the taste and is also trending with athletes, but a big question arises if this dairy beverage is perfect for everyone for replenishing energy?

Chicken avocado salad recipe

A healthy salad perfect for a weekend brunch or lunch.

Guilt-free snacks to satisfy your hunger

Healthy snacking is mostly linked to healthy and vegetarian stuff like fresh salads and juices.

Two easy berry desserts your family will love

The recipes for strawberry-cream cake and raspberry tart.

Recipe: Delicious apple pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes? We all have fond memories of our childhood where our mothers would prepare heaps of pancakes covered with honey and finely chopped almonds and walnuts or with assorted berries and fruits.

Make lemons your beauty must-have

Were you aware that the humble lemon, apart from adding taste to your food, is also great for your skin and hair?

Recipe : Honey French Toast

Sweeten your morning with a quick recipe of the classic honey french toast !!

Noodle chaat with Manchurian sauce

Bite into this delectable crispy fried noodles, topped with Manchurian sauce and crunch vegetables. Enjoy!

Soft, melt-in-mouth Sandesh recipes

The first question a Bengali from Kolkata is asked after he unpacks his luggage and prepares to settle down is, "Kaku sandesh enechho toh?" (Uncle, have you got sandesh?).

Recipe : Mint and Ginger Iced Tea

Nothing like a chilled glass of Mint and Ginger Iced Tea on a hot summer day. We bring to you the recipe of this chilled cooler which would help you beat the summer heat.

Prawns can protect us from parasitic disease, says study

Freshwater prawns can help prevent the spread of schistosomiasis, a potentially deadly parasitic disease that can cause anaemia, stunted growth, infertility, liver failure, bladder cancer and lasting cognitive impairment, says a new study.

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