A Trend to Warm Up To

Endure the frigid winter weather in style by adding a few clever pieces to your wardrobe.

5 tips for healthy skin

Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips

Simple tips to get luscious lips

While a good quality, hydrating lip balm is a must-have in every woman's vanity case, lip balms with tints are even better. These don't just protect the lips and keep them supple, but also come in pretty hues and flavours!

Be game for playful nails

Let your nails look nail-o-licious by colouring them with pop hues or with the help of a few accessories.

What your jewelry tells about you...

In fact, we rarely stop to think about it, but the things that we wear, a lot of us can tell the others, although it seems that all the accessories and outfits are just part of the way.

Don't ignore the blank wall beauty

You must agree that our home is our sanctuary where we rest, communicate with our family and it should give us the peace of mind. You need to see things you like around you to feel comfortable. But blank walls in your house can’t help you to relax. How to add some comfort to our homes by decorating blank walls you may find out in the following tips.

Tips to get long eyelashes

While some people are blessed with naturally, long eyelashes, for few others, it is not the case.

The stories beards tell you

In many cultures, babies born with a caul, or part of the amniotic sac, over their faces were thought to possess the power of the second sight. So peer past the veil of Maya, and know the truth about your mug fuzz!

Henna styling

Eid is knocking on the door and special arrangements are done on this occasion, particularly girls get very excited for their Eid arrangements, especially for henna.They are fond of henna even their Eid is considered incomplete without henna.

Curl up your locks in creative ways

Can you get curly locks using a hair straightener? It's easy to do it yourself at home.

Spectacular tips to turn heads

Just because you sport spectacles, there is no reason to deny your beautiful eyes colours and shimmer.

Eid offers on social lifestyle online shop

First time in Bangladesh, brings the idea of social business in online market places.

Send a Secret Message With Your Favorite Flowers

Flowers are certainly more than their pretty petals and bright colors. These days, giving someone a specific bouquet might represent an act of love, friendship, sympathy, and more.

How to store your luxury bags the right way

How do you store your handbags? Are they lovingly tucked away waiting to be worn out or are they stuffed under the bed gathering dust? It’s time to give equal importance to your handbags like the way you give to your wardrobe.

Break-ups and haircuts – what’s the connection?

Kristen Stewart recently debuted a hot new hairstyle — her signature long brunette locks have been replaced by a short, messy updo.

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