A Trend to Warm Up To

Endure the frigid winter weather in style by adding a few clever pieces to your wardrobe.

5 tips for healthy skin

Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips

Miss SA on exact point of World Domination

At this year's Miss World competition, Their smiles may captivate the audience, but beauty alone won't be enough to win the tonight's crown. But congratulations to Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss who sworn in as Miss World 2014.

Bringing back turtlenecks this winter

Turtlenecks can create quite the chic outfit. Pair a cozy one with a casual pair of jeans or kick it old school when layering one under a jumper.

Winter-proof your colour cosmetics

With the onset of winter season, give your make-up regime a makeover too. Make-up artist Annalia Zhimomi says maintaining a well-moisturised skin is a necessity.

David Beckham to launch his own fashion line

Former footballer David Beckham is set to launch his own fashion line with his business partner Simon Fuller.

Are you a shopaholic?

Which woman in her right mind hasn’t sighed while watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic?’ After all there is something about being able to buy all those beautiful stuff that seems to make them grow weak in the knees.

Home decor essentials before you turn 30

Home decor items are not just a way to beautify your abode. They also help to assess your age. Before you touch 30, it will be wise to keep a couch, candles that you burn and much more in your house.

Women spend over six hours per week on looks

It`s a known fact that women dedicate good number of hours on their appearance. Now, a study reveals they spend around 6.4 hours per week on their looks.

Kate Hudson's fitness secrets

If you desire to have an incredibly toned physique a la Kate Hudson, you've got to work your "a** off", says the actress.

Things to Wear That Make You Look Younger

Everyday, it gets harder to look younger. But, with a few style tricks, you can create a more youthful appearance with fashion that take years off your appearance. Learn how to choose and style the outfits that will make you look instantly younger.

Eye makeup ideas for specs wearers

It's impossible to wear lenses all day long, week after week. But with many of our fashionistas now sporting spectacles with elan, a new fascination for geek chic is on the rise. But, it's not a trend only for those under constant limelight.

Decoding decor with a dash of creativity

When it comes to decor, your creativity is your signature statement. Explore your imagination and let it reflect in your home decor.

Floral decoration for a housewarming party

Experts give tips on doing up your home with flowers when you first invite friends and family over after moving in.

Men's accessories that have been there forever

Men fashion is no more about just a pair of jeans and a casual tee. But men fashion has come a long way and accessories are a must for them too.

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