A Trend to Warm Up To

Endure the frigid winter weather in style by adding a few clever pieces to your wardrobe.

5 tips for healthy skin

Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips

Flipflops: your summer shoes

As a life-long residents of a summer infested country, most of us are guilty of wearing flip-flops nine months out of the year. People have got them in every color and style, from “fancy” to the ones for wearing to work out in the yard. They are worn everywhere and in every weather condition. Dhaka folks wear them out in the rain. Wow.

Sunglasses: Your bestie on a sunny day

Sunglasses are a girl’s best friend on a sunny day, and can be your go-to accessory for looking chic on the run. Go on, grab a pair of stylish sunnies!

Do it yourself hair: Half French Braid Ponytail

Apart from burning us down, summer poses another problem for girls. What am I going to do with my hair? Becomes the most asked question. Messy updo might be a solution on a regular day. However, what to do on a special day? Try out a Half French Braid Ponytail. It's simple, stylish and it'll keep your hair safe from the sweltering heat.

Managing stripes: The dos and don'ts of it

It's part of that graphic thing going on in fashion right now. For the past few seasons people have feasted on all of the rainbow-coloured, technically wizard digital prints a computer can muster. We've played with paisley. We've done geometrics. Now it's perfectly reasonable that people want to cleanse their palettes with something as straightforward as a bunch of lines.

No worries about budget! Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter and any signs of blooming-chirping which are associated with it are much more welcomed. And with Easter fast approaching you might want to add a festive touch to your house for the holiday. These easy Easter decoration ideas can add a sweet touch to any home. You shouldn't spend a lot of money, as these ideas are really budget-friendly.

Decorate your blank wall of house

You must agree that our home is our sanctuary where we rest, communicate with our family and it should give us the peace of mind. You need to see things you like around you to feel comfortable. But blank walls in your house can’t help you to relax. How to add some comfort to our homes by decorating blank walls you may find out in the following tips.

Date Night Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to dating, beauty is not always a deal breaker, but there are a few makeup mistakes you should definitely avoid. These makeup mistakes are easily made and they are also easy to avoid. You just need to be attentive and aware of these date night makeup mistakes every woman should avoid.

About summer hair

Most of us find that it's easier said than done, as hair seems to have a mind of its own and it is quite a feat to find that fine line between stylish and comfortable when it comes to summer hairstyles. Not to fear, however, because this week, Star Lifestyle tells you just what concoctions you can create on top of your head and look fabulous while you're at it!

Summer bride: hair and make up in summer

Imagine a beautiful bride with her make-up melting off. Not a very pretty picture is it? Add the fact that the couple have to put up with the constant glare of the cameraman’s exceptionally bright light which emanates more heat all by itself, summer weddings can quickly turn into a recipe for disaster.

Lal Pere Shada Saree

According to the Sanskrit relics, red defines purity while white shows unhappiness. If those meanings are taken, then Shada Saree Lal Paar defines the longing, the sweet sadness that you get from devotion to the Universe. That feeling, encompassed with purity. No wonder red and white is worn to pujas. The significance is so deep, so magnificent!

Khopa: The definition of Bengali women

Big kajal-lined eyes, particularly draped saree and beautiful, elegant and lustrous hair tied in a bun—this has always been the definition of Bengali women. Even now, when we picture a traditional Bengal woman, this is what we see. Tying hair in a bun has become a part of the Bengali legacy.

Grow your summer garden

There are some plants that need full sun and so this summer, plant your own veggies and enjoy a delicious homegrown dinner.

Get natural rosy lips at home

The way your lips look can affect the overall look of your face. Darkened, dry, chapped or bleeding lips can mar the beauty of your smile. A perfect pair of lips looks healthy, pink, soft and flexible. Find out how you can solve you lip problems at home.

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