A Trend to Warm Up To

Endure the frigid winter weather in style by adding a few clever pieces to your wardrobe.

5 tips for healthy skin

Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips

Get rid of stretch marks with these simple steps

If not treated, these lines can remain forever barring you from wearing whatever you want. Here are a few tips that will help you that will help you to lighten your stretch marks.

New eye make-up trends this summer season

As the mercury levels rise, there's no need to hide behind extra large shades.
Flaunt your attitude with panache and say a big `yes' to vibrant eye shadows. Make-up guru Mickey Contractor advises, "Play with long upper and lower lashes.

Orange is the new red for lips

Red lips will always be a hit, but this summer try a shade of orange for your pout. Hollywood actress Emma Watson brightened up her black gown on the red carpet recently with a gorgeous orange lip. Also, the trend was sported at numerous runway shows.

Strobing is the new contouring

Master the art of getting a glowing, sculpted face with one simple technique that is popular online.

Essential skin care tips for men

Like women, men's skin also requires proper nourishment and care to stay fresh. Skin care should be an important aspect of lifestyle, irrespective of age, but the technique should change as one grows old, says an expert.

Quick rescue for common beauty blunders

You've got that stylish haircut after a long time, and in months, those side bangs have grown and how. So, you decide to chop them off yourself without denting your wallet at the salon, but sadly you botch the deed.

Easy ways to look better

There is no doubt that looking good makes you feel good too and feeling good is so important. Looking one's best certainly imparts confidence, which is so necessary in today's competitive world.

Umbrellas have been flawed for the past 3,000 years! Now there is a new design!

Traditional umbrellas can be very difficult to maneuver at times. With water dripping all around the floor when you close it and difficulty in opening the umbrella in confined spaces, the traditional umbrella can often times be a nuisance.

Grooming tips for men before a dinner date

You sure don't want bad breath or itchiness on beard to let your confidence down when you step out for a dinner with your girlfriend or meet a person with whom you have been chatting on a dating site, for the first time.

What kind of eyebrows suit your face type?

Doing the right make-up is a job half done if your eyebrows aren't shaped the right way. Read on to find out what style of brows you should maintain.

Ways to sport party makeup

Looking your best at a party is crucial for any woman. However, with long working hours and a hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to look drop dead gorgeous. Here are a few tricks.

Make small eyes look bigger with these tricks

Feel envious when you look at Bollywood or Hollywood stars and how nice and big their eyes are?

How to create your own make up at home

Make-up can elevate your beauty by highlighting your best features and masking your flaws. Though it is super fun to do, marketing tactics offer dozens of different products for each part of your face and each stage of your make-up routine.

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