Keep good your heart by ignoring emails

Most of us find it difficult to go more than a few minutes without checking our email inboxes.

However, a new study has suggested that ignoring messages altogether can reduce stress by having a positive effect on the heart.

Researchers, who attached heart rate monitors to office workers, found they remained in a state of ''high alert'' throughout the day if they had constant access to email.

But those who insisted they had their manager's permission to not check their messages for up to five days at a time had much healthier heart rates, report The Daily Mail.

According to some estimates, every day, more than 200 billion e-mails are sent across the internet.

The recent findings showed those who stayed logged on to email had ''high alert'' heart rates.

Moreover, the rise of the smartphones makes us even more inclined to always be connected

This is where the heart remains at a steady, relatively fast beat because of the continuous underlying stress.

In stress-free conditions, the heart rate is more variable, decreasing as the body becomes more relaxed.

A constantly raised heart beat is known to lead to increased levels of a potentially damaging stress hormone, called cortisol.

Besides this, the study also found limiting email access might boost workers concentration levels.

Email vacations on the job may be a good idea. Especially when manager said it is okay.

In general, we much happier to interact in person.