Korola street food calling

The street food experience is something that most spicy relish and cherish.

And the dhaka is all set to celebrate ethnic street recipes of Korola mean korola with a Thattukada Fest. From chapathi roti with kozhi porichadu and thattu dosa to mola puttu and kadala curry, the spicy and tangy whiffs and tastes of rustic korola come to dhaka

popular for the cuisine of the famed coasts of bd has an extensive menu that offers choices of spicy Korola nd authentic Indian coastal cuisine, also presents the famed architectural brilliance of Kerala, thus offering a nice dining experience.

The Thattukada Fest is a great occasion to experience the finest flavours of Kerala at this ethnic restaurant.

Do not forget to try Thattukada specials like mathi karuvepila fry, nadan njandu olarthu, panni erachi varatiyathu, erachi puttu and the special black tea.


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The Thattukada Fest should be

The Thattukada Fest should be an interesting spot to be if you are a cuisine fan, I bet the local chefs could teach the rest of us a few tricks on how to cook the local food! I would love to see them in action on an open kitchen event!

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