Irresistible Love for Colorful Ice Gola In Summer

The scorching summer days have arrived and with the terrible heat, comes the time for much loved ice gola in bangladesh.

In the hot months of June and July, the colorful ice gola in summer is the coolest prospect on the blistering streets of bangladesh. Though, times and trends have changed a lot, but the love and desire for having colorful ice gola in summer is just the same. Whether it is old generation or young fellows, the desire of having ice gola in bangladesh is same among both generations.

As summer season approaches the demand for the delicious ice gola in bangladesh increases. The colorful ice gola in summer is a perfect ice candy to beat the heat which is prepared from crushed ice flavored with edible colors. The colorful ice gola in summer is not only tempting and delicious, but also an inexpensive way of enjoying the sunny days. Usually, ice gola in bangladesh is available on cheap prices, which is quite affordable for all classes of people. The price and availability of ice gola in bangladesh is also one of the major reasons of its popularity among all circles.

Ice gola in bangladesh is not only a favorite ice candy, but a part of summer season. As the hot days comes, many makeshift stalls of colorful ice gola in summer set themselves up in front of every school. The mouth watering summer treat of ice gola in bangladesh, is served as a shaved ice, topped with different flavors dished up either on stick or in a bowl. The delicious and colorful ice gola in summer is a wonderful treat of ice balls dipped in a sweetener and colored syrups.

In the summer evenings, children usually wait for gola wala or the ice slush vendor to come down the street with his cart. The cart of colorful ice gola in summer is lined up with bottles of colorful syrups, an ice crusher in the middle and other serving essentials like gola sticks, glasses and bowls. Hundreds of flavors of ice gola in Pakistan are available in bangladesh such as chocolate, rose, cream, condensed milk, peach, apple, ice cream soda, coco cola, pine apple, orange, lemon and lot more. One can enjoy their favorite fruity flavors and feel the chill of colorful ice gola in summer going through your throat to your stomach.