Recipe: Mini potato patties

Vacations are over and school days are here. It is also a time for mums to ponder over packing yummy snacks for their little ones. Here are a few snack recipes right for the tiffin box.


- Potatoes - 2, big
- Flour - 1 cup
- Corn flour - half cup
- Salt - to taste
- Fine pepper powder – half tsp
- Butter - 1 tbsp
- Egg - 1
- Breadcrumbs - 1 cup


Steam the potatoes until very soft. Mash them until there are no lumps. Add a blob of soft butter, salt and pepper. Mix in the flour and corn flour. Form into shapes such as mini sausages or make small patties. Dip in egg or a loose corn flour paste. Pat the potato discs in breadcrumbs.

Coat well. Heat refined oil until hot to deep-fry. Lower the heat and slide in the patties. Toss lightly and scoop out once it is golden brown. Serve, with ketchup, green chutney accompanied by sweet sandwiches or a jam roll.


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