Grape juice can improve memory

Misplaced your car keys again? Grape juice can help, say researchers from the department of psychiatry.

They found that people with early memory loss performed better on mental tests after 12 weeks of drinking the purple stuff.

The experts believe that the antioxidants in the skin and juice of the fruit are responsible for the results.

In the study, 12 people aged 75 to 80 were split into two groups, with one group drinking 100 percent pure grape juice, and the other a placebo. Both were given regular memory tests over the 12-week period, which included learning lists of items placed in a particular order.

Researchers found that the longer the trial went on, the more the test results improved for the grape juice drinkers.

"A simple, easy-to-incorporate dietary intervention that could improve or protect memory function, such as drinking Concord grape juice, could be beneficial for the ageing population."

Yet another reson to get snacking on grapes. Researchers at Université Montpellier 2 in France say juices made from apples and purple grapes — or eating the fruit raw — protects your arteries.

The fruit were found to be good for your heart's health because of their high levels of the antioxidant phenols


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The miraculous benefit of grape juice and seeds are known to us. It has been studied and researched that drinking grape juice on a regular basis would improve the memory power. More over applying grape juice on face will make it fair and glow.
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