Recipe: Pumpkin Seeds Halwa

Pumpkin Seeds Halwa is a very testy dish. It is sure to guarantee a delightful desert experience this summer. This is how you can get it right, and in the comfort of your home.


- Yellow pumpkin seeds: One cup
- Sugar: Quarter cup
- Milk: Four cups
- Cashew nuts and almonds: For topping (optional)


Wash and soak pumpkin seeds in water for two to three hours. Remove skin from seeds, dry and store seeds in dry container or refrigerate. Use when needed.
Grind them with half cup milk into a coarse paste. Add remaining milk to paste and mix sugar. Pour paste into a thick-bottomed vessel and place on a stove. Cook on low flame for 10 to 15 minutes, without stirring the hawal much except once or twice to ensure it does not stick to kadai. When it turns lumpy, take off stove. Decorate with fried cashews and almonds and serve hot.