Jyoti in Tanvir Mokammel's Jibon Dhuli

Lux Anandadhara Photogenic 2004 Jyotika Jyoti is excited about her role in “Jibon Dhuli”. She dons the role of the wife of a 'dhuli' (drummer). Shatabdi Wadud plays the role of the 'dhuli' in the film. The film is being directed by Tanvir Mokammel.

The shooting is due to start next month in Savar.

Jyoti has acted in Tanvir Mokammel's previous film “Rabeya”.

The story of “Jibon Dhuli” centres around an impoverished 'dhuli' family during the Liberation War in which Jyoti plays the role of Shondharani who is tortured by the occupation army.

After Savar the next shooting spot is Pubail from where the cast and crew will move on to Khulna. “I need long tresses for my character,” says Jyoti.

It will take around three months to complete the shooting, she says.

How is she preparing for her challenging role? “For the time being I am going over the script,” says the actress.

Jyoti's first role was in the film “Aaina”, directed by Kabori. After this she acted in “Rabeya”, followed by another film “Bedenir Meye”.

Other than films, Jyoti is acting in TV plays such as “Bela O Bela”, “Korta Kahini” and “Shunyo Shomikoron”. For Eid Ul Azha, shooting is on for “Shopno Bunon”, “ Biye Bheeti”, “ Bhalobashi Lal Pipra”, “Jiyon Kathi”, “Shomoyer Hath Ghori”, “Shopno Dekhar Shahosh” and more. Currently, serials featuring Jyoti such as “Palabar Poth Nei”, “Apon Apon Khela”, “Agni Path” and “Chhaya Mukhosh” are on air.

News Source: 
The Daily Star


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