A Twilight Interview : Humayun Ahmed on his last film Ghetu Putro Komola

This interview was taken a year back, during the last Ramadan, by Shah Alam Shazu at Nuhash Polli.

Humayun Ahmed spent an evening talking to the correspondent on his last movie which was taking more time than usual. Excerpts from the interview:

If you ask a person who is related to films about the characteristics of films, he would define it into 50 different aspects, such as horror, social drama and more. However, I wouldn't do the same.

I cannot define “Ghetu Putra Komola”. The way I have made previous movies, it will be no different. Maybe it will be error free maybe not, I am not concerned.

My intention is to capture a tradition of rural Bengal on celluloid. I have chosen the “haor” area of Bangladesh which is flooded during monsoon and dry as a desert in winter.

This movie should create a stir even among foreign audiences when they watch the same area inundated at times and dry the next season. For this we had to use special reference points and lens.

It has taken a bit of time to make the movie. More so, as I could not collect all the required props in due time. Some we had to collect on our own. We now have a large trunk in which we have gathered a huge amount of props.

Sets have been designed at Nuhash Polli. However, the outdoor shooting will be done in the Sunamganj area where the Ghetu songs had originated. The music composed earlier had to be changed as it did not fit into the scenes -- that took away some time as well.

Even the man behind the camera had to be replaced, since at one point I felt that he wasn't able to grasp the essence. So, you see, such drastic changes took more time to complete the movie.

Shaon is expecting but is always beside me and cheering me up. This is also a reason for the delay of the movie. When I am thoroughly exhausted, a cup of steaming tea is a big thing. The shooting during the night was rather comfortable. My initial idea was to make the film on my own, and I have spent a lot of money. But now I am on the lookout for a producer which is not that easy, as you would know.

Technically we aren't that backward but when it comes to post-production work, we are far behind. I do print the films abroad. We use similar lens that the filmmakers do abroad. However, we cannot spend the huge amount of money that they can afford to do.Even our market is limited.

Tareq Anam will play the protagonist.

The set designed at Nuhash Polli has been done under my direction. It has been designed according to the lifestyle of an influential person of the village.

“Ghetu Putro” has a background. Almost 150 years ago, a musical trend swept through Jolshukha village of Hobiganj. Ghetu songs were known for their traditional tunes, but what set them apart was the dancing by Ghetu performers -- adolescent boys dressed as girls. The dance of these young performers was responsible for Ghetu songs' sexual overtones. This perversion in the name of folk music is no more. With it, a rather strange ritual is lost.

The movie is set for release in October.

News Source: 
The Daily Star