Apurbo in movie

Popular model cum actor Apurbo started his career in big screen by performing in Morshedul Islam’s movie “Brishtir Din.”

But unfortunately works of the movie didn’t completed. As a result, Apurbo didn’t debut his acting career in big screen. Sharmin Zoha Shoshi was co-actor of Apurbo in that movie. Cinema lovers failed to watch Apurbo and Shoshi as a couple in the big screen due to stop of the works of that movie.

At last, Apurbo is going to debut his career in a movie by performing in movie “Purno Doirghyo Prem Kahini,” which is directed by Safi Uddin Safi. In this movie, Apurbo will be seen in role of a villain. Director Safi has confirmed the matter.

While talking to this correspondent Apurbo said, “I have talked with director Safi about story of the movie. I hope I will perform in this movie. I will confirm it within very short time after discussing with the director in this regard.”

It is mentioned that Shakib Khan and Joya Ahsan are going to perform together for the first time in this movie. Saju Khadem, Razzak, among others, will also perform in it. Story of the movie was written by Rumman Rashid Khan.

News Source: 
The New Nation