Basic steps for coming up Ramadan Makeup

Ramadan is the month of countless blessings, joy and to rejuvenate your inner beauty. Ramadan is not just a month of spirituality and holiness, but also a month of extra work especially for women.

With constant juggling between the household chores, preparing feasts and doing religious rituals, a woman neglected her own self especially from her health and makeover side.

Makeup and make over are purely the women business. Every woman has an inner desire to look good, beautiful, different and young ever. For this, the women do every possible thing from skin care to makeup techniques. Gone were the days when women only used to wear/apply a fairness cream, a kohl and a herb to clean , color and shine their teethes. Now are the days when women try to do all that things which make them more beautiful, charming, smart, stylish and gorgeous.

They spend a huge budget on makeup accessories and also go off and on to the beauty salons to enhance their beauty. As the Holy month of Ramadan has started the duties & responsibilities of every woman become doubled. They not only have to take care of their home, spouse and children, but also need extra care for themselves as well. Almost every woman during Ramadan gives extra attention & time to their kitchen activities & thus neglects their own health & over all make over.

Being a centre and focal point of your home you need t put an extra effort on yourself too because your health counts a lot. If you are healthy and fit your home automatically will become healthy happy and fit.

This Ramadan special article, we put special focus on some easy growing and modish makeup tips for you women. By using them you can enhance your beauty & over all looks.

Basic tips during Ramadan:
Keep your skin clean and healthy: the first step before applying any makeup is clean and healthy skin. The better your skin’s texture and color, the less makeup you will need. Skin that is clear, healthy and even in tone allows you to wear less makeup because you don’t need it! Cleanse tone, moisturize, and apply eye cream.
Keep all makeup matte and muted: This means no shimmers, sparkles, or false lashes.

Apply light things:

Apply a light coverage -concealer, foundation and powder.
Use matte blush on: Apply a blush that makes you look youthful and healthy. A matte peach, pink, or skin-color blush is great.

Apply nude lip colors:

Apply a creamy nude color of lipstick in this Ramadan and get a new look. Blushing Nude is actually a very light, nude lip color, but on paper it looks super dark.

Use matte eye shadow:

Use a matte beige eye shadow all over the eyelid, then apply a medium-toned matte eye shadow color on the crease, like brown, taupe, or navy blue. (This is optional. If you feel you don’t need it, you can go with eyeliner only.)
Wear dark eye liner: Line your eyes in dark burgundy, dark brown, black or navy blue eyeliner to enhance your eyes.

Try mascara colors other than black:

Curl your lashes and apply a coat of black mascara. This is a fun time to experiment with colors that are less dramatic than black, however. So try to use mascara colors like burgundy, navy blue, or brown and see how subtle changes can affect your overall appearance.

And remember, your inner beauty is more important and promising than your outer beauty. So be generous, speak well, do well, and be well.


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