How To Wear suitiable Lipstick?

lipstick is always in fashion in every season and in every occasion. It gives you such a classic look and wearing red lipstick is not as easy as it seems but once you adopt it properly you are just the one who captures all the guys around you.

Some celebrities think that red lipstick is just for the red carpet events but it’s not like that. beautiful colors is for the one whose skin tone matches with it perfectly.

There are certain rules when wearing red lipstick you just can’t wear it your way. For it you need to be very careful.
Rule 1 for using lipstick

The very first thing to notice when wearing red lipstick is that consider your skin tones. Red lipstick doesn’t suits every skin tone. The paler the skin tone the more red lipstick glooms your way. When wearing red lipstick don’t apply too much of the makeup because red lipstick already adds too much glamour in beauty.
Rule 2 for useing lipstick

Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with lip liner first and then put your hot red color. Lip liner makes a boundary of your lips and don’t let it spread all the way. This can be done with any skin tone.

Pink skin tones

Many women wrongly believe they can't wear red lipstick as they are dark or fair. The secret to choosing the right red lip color is in the undertones. Pink-skinned girls should opt for cherry red.

Olive skin tones

Olive skin tones can also use red lipstick but with slight change that Medium to dark skins are best suited to deeper reds, with brown or orangey bases. Those with olive skin tone can wear fire-engine red.

Darker skin tones

Dark brown skin tones look dramatic with pinkish reds. Dark skin tones have this problem when choosing red lipstick because of their dark skin tone or complexion they have to be very touchy in this case. Deep plum, chocolate or red is fabulous with dark skin tone or black skin tone
Rule 3 for using lipstick

Whatever we wear we think we have to clearly match other accessories with it. But remember when wearing red lipstick don’t clash it with your nails. Many people think that red nail paint with red lipstick will make them look more awesome but actually this is not the case. With red lipstick wear light color nail paint so that all the eyes go on your lipstick exactly.