Sharee gets a romentic avatar

Tied low on the waist, pinned high on the shoulder, paired with a mismatching blouse, woven in traditional fabric or crafted in sexy chiffon, the six-yard drape called the sharee is being reborn on the Bangladeshi fashion scene.

Designers say experimentation with draping styles, endorsement by celebrities and an bd-Indo to this piece of clothing are popular rising it among the younger lot of women.

Designer describes it as "the sexiest and most evergreen outfit that suits all body types".

"Over the past few years, designers and Bollywood have played a lot with sharee drapes, embroideries and colors. However, the sari today, in its most romantic, sexy avatar, is targeting young girls" specially in rainy season.

And innovations are being made in draping styles and blouses.

All the top Bangladeshi actress and models are very much happy to wearing sharee in any kind of celebration.

Designers are adds: "The sari has always been a favorite silhouette for bd women and with the attire emerging as big trend, it is surely one of the sexy avatars a girl can look out for."