‘Nabila-Channel i Shera Nachiye’ heads to the grand finale

Dance reality show “Nabila-Channel i Shera Nachiye” is now on the way to its grand finale. The final round of the contest is now going on where 10 contestants have been taking part.

The finalists are Shital, Tushar, Mim, Prothoma, Tonny, Sazin, Rasel, Hena, Sabi and Mandira.

While talking about the final round of this show, director of the programme Ezaz Khan Swapan said, “The final round is consisted of five phases with enormous variation. Every episode of this round will take place in indoor and outdoor locations.”

Hosted by Tanisha, the reality show is being aired on every Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:50pm on Channel i.

News Source: 
The New Nation