Shimla again in grant movie

The shooting of this movie has started recently at the director’s village-home at Raipura in Narsingdi.

With this movie, Shimla is performing again in a grant movie after a gap of six years. Earlier in 2006, she, for the first time, performed in a grant movie titled “Porom Priyo,” which wPopular film actress Shimla is now busy with her second grant movie titled “Nekabborer Mohaproyan,” which is being directed by Masud Pothik.

In that movie, Shimla was seen against popular film hero Ferdous. For her outstanding performance in the movie, Shimla earned National Film Award.

In the movie “Nekabborer Mohaproyan”, Shimla will play the role as Fatema who was caught and tortured by the Pakistani soldiers during the Liberation war. After the war, Fatema dies by giving birth of a ‘war child’.

Jewel Zahir, a theatre activist of Brityo Natya Sangsad, will perform against Shimla in this movie as young Nekabbor, while Badal Shahid, another theatre activist from Karok Natya Sangsad will play the role of aged Nekabbor.

While talking about Shimla, director Masud Pothik told this correspondent, “There are very few actresses in our country's film industry who are professional in their performance and Shimla is one of them. She is really an outstanding performer as she always performs from the depth of the character.”

About the movie, Shimla told, “I always like to perform in a challenging role and that’s why I have decided to perform in this movie. I hope the viewers will surely enjoy the movie.”

Meanwhile, besides this movie, Shimla is also performing in two more movies titled “Na Manush” by Animesh Aich and “Rupgawal” by Habibur Rahman Habib

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The New Nation