Anupam to playback again in Bangladeshi movie

With the song titled “Aamake aamar moto thakte dao, aami nijeke nijer moto guchhiye niyechhi”, Anupam Roy earned enormous popularity among the listeners to Bangla song.

He, now, possesses equal popularity among the music lovers of Bangladesh and West Bengal. That’s why, Bangladeshi film directors are also interested to take him in their movies as a playback singer. Recently, Anupam, for the first time, play-backed in a Bangladeshi movie titled “Chorabali,” which was directed by Redoan Rony.

The young popular singer is going to playback in another Bangladeshi movie titled “Kichhutei Phera Holo Na,” which will be directed by Mohsin Ahmed, a Bangladeshi expatriate in London.

Mohsin has recently returned home. Though it’s his debut movie, he, however, made several TV plays in London. The script of the movie and its title song “Onek to bhaba holo, bhebe bhebei din gelo, tobu kichhutei phera holo na” were written by Mohsin’s friend Ahnaf Ahmed, another Bangladeshi settled in London.
Anupam will playback the title song while it's recording is scheduled to be done in Kolkata after the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. The director of the movie has recently finalised the contract with Anupam over telephone.

Anupam will playback only the title song in this movie while the other songs will be play-backed by noted Bangladeshi singers Andru kishore, Sabina Yasmin, Runa Laila, Konal and Hridoy Khan. However, the casts of this movie are yet to be finalised.

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The New Nation