Che’r Cycle staged

Additional responsibility fell on the shoulder of the organizers since the scheduled troupe Northern University cancelled its production Krishna Shakun at the eleventh hour.

And the Drama Club of American International University of Bangladesh, the organiser of the six-day inter-university theatre festival, managed the situation smartly by staging Che’r Cycle in a very short notice on Tuesday at the Sawkat Osman Auditorium of the Central Public Library.

Mamunur Rasgid’s play takes the audience to a surreal world, where legendary Marxist revolutionary Che on his way to a stage a revolution. Che is soon assimilated with another character, Ranjan, an imaginary character created by the playwright.
Che’r Cycle, directed by Shamsi Haque Qayfi, continually switches between times and places where the characters assimilate into each other.

The play begins with three strangers on a beach, each with a unique interpretation of the world. With a sudden trance, they become Che, Aleida (Che’s wife), and Che’s comrade Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro. Through a deeper understanding of Che’s life and philosophy, the three learn to see life in a new light.
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