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Rock star James has lent his voice again in a Bollywood movie titled ‘Warning’, six years after he last rendered a playback in ‘Gangster’. Bheegi bheegi, Chal chaley and Rishety are already popular Hindi playbacks sung by James in the movies ‘Gangster’, ‘Woh Lamhe’ and ‘Life in a Metro’.

Mahfuz Anam, widely known as James, is equally popular as the ‘Asian Jim Morrison’ in Bangladesh and India for his psychedelic style of rendition. Recently he was caught in an interview with New Age and talked about his current ventures.

‘I just finished dubbing in Mumbai for the movie “Warning” directed by Anubhav Sinha, while Anzam directed the music of this movie’, James told New Age.
‘They approached me and I liked the song as it fits my genre and consequently I am lending my voice in playback singing in Bollywood after a break of five years’, he added.

James is always praised as a music genius from the beginning of his career. Besides his band ‘Nagor Baul’ (formerly known as Feelings), his solo projects also grabbed the attention of rock music lovers. Once James was called Knopfler of Chittagong from where his musical voyage sailed in 1980s.

Talking about his career James said, ‘I am a self-taught musician who has witnessed many ups and downs in life. But I always love being myself which is credited in my music.’
James has an uncountable number of hit songs such as ‘Lag bhelki lag’, ‘Lais fita lais’, ‘Ma’, ‘Baba’, ‘Lutpat’, ‘Shusmita er shobuj orna urey jay’, ‘Banglar Lathiyal’ and many more. His songs always have a profound message.

When he was asked about his songs he replied, ‘My songs are based on my thoughts and I always emphasise on lyrics.’ This bohemian rock star of Bangladesh also believes that if one follows his individuality, rather than being a copier, success definitely will knock at his doorsteps.

James is the pioneer of psychedelic rock in Bangladeshi music. He rocks the crowd with his signature style when he is on stage. With the blend of his curly long hair, Panjabi and ‘brutal’ music, he has been rocking youngsters for over two decades.
He got instant popularity just after the release of the album Station Road1987. His band subsequently released other popular albums such as ‘Jail thake bolchhi’, ‘Nagor Baul’, ‘Lais Fita Lais’, ‘Dushtu Chheler Dol’. His last solo album titled ‘Kal Jamuna’ was released in 2007 and was a massive hit.

‘We are hoping to get back in the studio for the band’s upcoming album. We are currently enjoying live shows at home and abroad’, said James about the recent involvements of his band.

James also talked about the recent chaos in the music industry. He informed that very soon BAMBA will come up with a few projects to protect the rights of band musicians and distribute their albums in an appropriate manner across the country.

‘We are coming with a bang to change the scenario and hopefully the golden era of rock music will be back very soon’ claimed James with confidence.

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The New Age