Biplab pays tribute to Azam Khan

Popular rocker, composer and lyricist Khalid Atul Karim, widely known as Biplab, pays tribute to pop guru Azam Khan through a duet song with another popular singer, Agun, to observe his first death anniversary.

The song ‘Guru tomay salaam’ was written by Ashiqur Rahman Jibon. Jibon wrote the song out of respect and love for Azam Khan. The song was released online recently.

Talking about the song Biplab told the New Age, ‘after guru’s demise Jibon came to me with the song and being inspired by the wonderful lyrics I composed the music.’

‘Having Agun with me in the song was a great delight for me since he is a very intimate friend of mine and also a true disciple of Guru Azam Khan’, added Biplab.
The song has already attainted much acclaim from everyone. The inclusion of selected lines from Azam Khan’s famous numbers and choruses by the singers makes the song more persuasive in terms of musical arrangement.

Besides the song, Biplab also talked about the upcoming album of his band ‘Prometheus’.

‘We are working on our new album which will be released during Eid’, said Biplab.
Recently the band launched a website called ‘’ where listeners will get to download their songs and videos for free.

‘This is a completely new idea in Bangladesh and we call this website our online store where our listeners will find us and our music’, claimed Biplab, vocalist of the band.

News Source: 
The New Age