Arnob ventures into Rabindra Sangeet

It is often said that music has healing power and can help express our deepest emotions with ease. When it is about soothing music, the genre that comes straight to our mind is Rabindra Sangeet—its power of melody and lyric can make listeners transcend to the world of eternity.

For the music aficionados of tranquility, Friday evening at Bengal Shilpalaya in Dhanmondi, Dhaka; just could be the perfect place as popular singer-composer Arnob enthralled the audience with a rare musical treat of Rabindra Sangeet.

The solo musical soiree was held to mark the launch of Arnob’s latest album Adhek Ghumey, his first ever venture of Rabindra Sangeet which was brought out under the banner of Adhkhana Music.

Sponsored by mobile phone operator Robi and presented by Bengal Music Company, the album features a total of 12 Rabindra Sangeet tracks including “Fagun haway haway”, “Shawono gogoney”, “Ganer surer”, “Ami kan pete roi”, “Megh bolechhey”, “Kotha hote baje”, “Dhonilo ahoban”, “Prochondo gorjone”, “Purono shei”, “Rakho rakho re”, “Amar din furalo”, “Robir gaan” and the title track.

The launching ceremony of the album was attended, among others, by Matiul Islam Nowshad, chief of human resources for Robi, Zeenat Chowdhury, director (operations) of Bengal Music Company, and Abul Khair, chairman of Bengal Foundation.

The programme was anchored by Luva Nahid Chowdhury, director general of Bengal Foundation.

The speakers, at the programme, spoke highly of the album and wished every success of it.

About his new album, Arnob said, “Rabindra Sangeet is always my musical inspiration. I sang and released a few of them in my previous solo albums. But, Adhek Ghumey is the full-length album by me. I hope my fans will love it.”

The brief discussion on the album was followed by a solo musical soiree which featured songs from Arnob’s latest album.

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, who goes by his surname and mostly known for his unique style of singing and composing, is not a regular Rabindra Sangeet singer. His specialty lies in musical diversity. It is not the same kind of tune or musical arrangements he follows years after years.

Besides composing some original songs, Arnob has successfully rearranged timeless songs, basically baul compositions, giving them a new sound. He has successfully fused baul songs with western blues and classical, using both eastern instruments such as esraj as well as western instruments like guitar and keyboards in his compositions. The use of esraj is one of the unique features of his compositions.

Apart from Adhek Ghumey, the singer has, so far, released a total of four solo albums including Chai Na Bhabish, Hok Kolorob, Doob, and Rod Bolechhe Hobe which took him to the zenith of popularity.

News Source: 
The Daily Sun