Chhayanaut pays tribute to Sufia Kamal

Chhayanaut celebrated 101st birth centenary of the organisation’s founder president poet Sufia Kamal (June 20, 1911-November 20, 1999) through musical programme on Wednesday at its auditorium.

Considering the relevance of the season the birthday celebration featured monsoon songs of three greatest bards of Bengal— Rabindranath, Nazrul and Atulprasad—and few dance recitals.

The event began with a chorus of Tagore’s popular monsoon song Eso shyamal sundaro by the singers of Chhayanaut. The resonance of Nupur of the dancers who danced with the song rejuvenated the ambience of downpour at the programme.
After a fascinating beginning of remembering the late poet, who was associated with Chhayanaut since its inception and worked with the organisation till she breathed her last, accomplished singers began to present solo performances of some timeless songs.

Eminent Tagore singer Mita Haque enthralled the audience by presenting Aji jharer raatey tomar abhisar. Seasoned Tagore singer Iffat Ara Dewan gave a pleasant surprise to the listeners by presenting Atul Prasad’s song Badhua nid nahi ankhi patey. Popular singer Nasima Shahin Fancy presented Nazrul song Aji badalo jhore.
Another group dance recital synchronised with chorus rendition of the Nazrul song Rum jhum jhum badal nupur boley again revitalised the programme.

Renowned artiste Shahin Samad presented Nazrul song Megho meduro barshai kothai tumi narrating a lover’s feeling for her beloved in a lone rainy night. Popular Tagore singer Aditi Mohsin with her distinct voice modulation enchanted the audience by performing Tagore’s track Bandhu raho raho sathe.
Chhayanaut’s singers presented another chorus rendition of Tagore song Trishnar shanti sundar kanti. The programme wrapped up with a chorus presentation of the national anthem.

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The New Age