Shironamhin to release self-titled album

Rock band Shironamhin has already secured a place in the hearts of thousands of band music lovers by their unique musical and lyrical compositions.

In some of its projects, the band has infused traditional classical instruments such as sarod, esaraj, mandira and dotara with their distinctive style of rock.

These days, Shironamhin members are busy with the release of its much awaited fifth album, which is a self-titled album. ‘We are producing the self-titled album after 16 years of our journey, considering that we are now popular enough to release a self-titled album,’ band leader Zia told.

Self titled album Shironamhin will feature 10 tracks. ‘We try to portray a specific incident or period, which will always remain with the listeners even after many years, through the songs. In the upcoming album we tried to do the same,’ Zia said.

‘We are taking a little more time to be flawless with the songs, but we hope will be able release the album very shortly,’ said Shafin, the drummer of the band
He further added, ‘Music is ever changing and Shironamhin always attempts to enrich their music through experimentation.’

In the upcoming album the band will do a lot of experiments. Some classical instruments will be played along with guitar, bass and drums. Previously the band not only used Indian classical instruments but also Western instruments like violin, cello, trumpet, coronet, saxophone, banjo, mondo mo fa head and rainmaker, which introduced a completely new genre to the listeners. All the songs have been written and composed by band members.

‘Brishti Kabbo’, ‘Kichhu kotha’, ‘Achha thik achhey’ are a few songs which will be on the album. The song ‘Abar hashi mukh’ in this album is a sequel to the very famous song ‘Hashi muskh’.

Formed in 1996, Shironamhin started as a BUET based band, but eventually proved its potential and became a popular band in the country over the last 16 years. Shironamhin released its first album ‘Jahaji’ in 2004. Subsequently ‘Ichchhe ghuri’, ‘Bondho Janala’, ‘Shironamhin rabindronath’ were released at different times. The band has been featured in several mixed albums such as ‘Neon Aloy Shagotom’, ‘Shopnochura 1’, ‘Shopnochura 2’, ‘Bondhuta’ and ‘Rock 101’.

Talking about their journey so far Zia said, ‘we have seen ups and downs in our musical life but our devotion to music always inspired us to reach where we are today.’

The band features Tanzir Tuhin on vocals, Zia on bass, Diat on lead guitar, Russell Kabir on keys and Shafin on drums.

‘Tuhin’s joining the band was also a turning point for the band, after which we became more organized’, confessed Zia.

News Source: 
The New Age