Khokon-Gulzar panel to vie in upcoming Film Directors’ Association election

Popular filmmakers Shahidul Islam Khokon and Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar are going to compete in the forthcoming election of Film Directors’ Association of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC).

They will fight respectively for the position of president and secretary from the Khokon-Gulzar panel which will include 17 candidates more for the rest positions of the association.

Since the election is scheduled to be held in December of this year, Khokon-Gulzar panel is underway to build up their teams so that they can secure their victory.

While talking about his panel, Khokon said, “Most of the senior and junior directors are not happy with the activities of the present president and secretary.

Many of them requested me to go for the forthcoming election. Finding no alternate way and with a view to bring back healthy environment in film and in the activities of the association, I have decided to fight for the president post so that I can stand by the helpless directors.”

Meanwhile, Muhammad Hannan and FI Manik are respectively the present president and secretary of the association since they were elected in the FDA election of 2010.

News Source: 
The New Nation