Ayub Bachchu captivates Chittagong audience

When Ayub Bachchu entered the arena at Chittagong Government Muslim High School premises on Saturday evening, hundreds of spectators, mainly youngsters, burst out in loud cheers as they chanted “Bachchu bhai! Bachchu bhai!”

In response, Bachchu, the icon of rock music in the country, waved to the audience. As an ex-student of the school, Bachchu had joined a reception programme for the talented students and the teachers of the school.

Chittagong Government Muslim High School Ex-Students' Association organised the programme. The event accorded a reception to the GPA 5 achievers in the last SSC examination. A total of 310 students achieved GPA 5 from the school which is the highest in the Chittagong Board.

Bachchu not only attended the programme but also gave a music performance for hundreds of his fans present at the programme.

After the conclusion of a discussion and the reception, Bachchu came on to the stage to a huge applause from the audience who had gathered to greet the talented alumnus of their school.

He began to converse with the audience in the local dialect as he usually does whenever he comes to the port city.

Then to the delight of the audience he embarked on one of his famous songs, “Ek Akasher Tara Tui Eka Gunishne”. When Bachchu sang one of his evergreen songs, “Obhimani Tumi, Abinashi Ami”, the audience began to sing along with him.

Later, he sang his hit number “Ekhon Onek Raat”. When Bachchu wrapped up his performance, the satiated audience trooped out of the hall.

Mahin, a student of the school, described the performance as a memorable day for him. “We feel proud of him as he was a student of our school,” he said.

News Source: 
The Daily Star