Singer Imran has what it takes

Imran came into the spotlight by claiming the first runner-up podium in the first ever 'Channel i Shera Konthho' in 2008. In the ranks of 80,000 contestants, Imran climbed the ladder with his singing talents and won Taka 7 lakh and the love of thousands as the first runner-up. His success in the competition ensured smooth passage into a well-established career in singing. Imran is now living out his childhood dream of becoming a singer and is turning a new page everyday.

Imran got the opportunity to perform abroad, thanks to Channel i. As part of several tours, Imran performed in Australia, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, the US, Singapore, Bahrain and India.

Laser Vision released Imran's debut album “Shopnoloke” in 2011, with the singer himself composing several songs in the album.

Imran has also gathered experience as a playback singer, lending his voice for seven films so far, four of which have already been released. Imran says it was a great achievement for him to work alongside a singer like Sabina Yasmin for a playback performance. There is a plan to keep working on playbacks in the future, the singer adds.

Asked on his next target, Imran informed that his goal is to become a successful music composer and work to establish a strong niche for himself in the music arena. Several compositions have already been completed for popular singers of the time, while further work with other artistes is on, Imran added.

What brought him to the world of music? Imran answers that he has had a close link with music since his early years. When he was in class 4, Imran began taking his first music lessons from Ustad Shyamol Biswas. The ustad taught him classical music. Then came Ranjit Kumar Mondol, who tutored Imran in the skills of Nazrul Sangeet and also classical music. Finally it was the turn of Shahjahan Kabir to add the final touches, as he taught Imran the voice modulation for Adhunik songs.

Imran's mother provided the main inspiration, as she could not pursue her interest in music due to various reasons. Family support was also there throughout everything, Imran says.

Imran adds that he enjoys the newfound fame, and asked for blessings from his well-wishers so that he does not have a swollen head.

Imran says music is his love and he doesn't wish to spend a single second without it.

News Source: 
The Daily Star