Nazrul songs presented at Chhayanaut

Dhaka University based cultural troupe, Joyddhoni Sanskriti Sangathon, honoured its founder and Nazrul exponent, Dr Pradip Kumar Nandi, for receiving a doctorate degree from University of Dhaka, on his research on Nazrul.

His thesis topic was ‘Nazrul er gaan o surokar proshongo’.
The evening turned out to be a pleasant one when Pradip Kumar presented an array of raga based Nazrul songs.

His performance began with a puriya raga based song ‘Kego chonchola meye’. The artist’s excellence in improvising the song filled everyone’s hearts with delight.

Nandi’s presentation highlighted the richness of Nazrul sangeet and the use of different ragas in his creations.

Pradip Kumar Nandi also sang ‘Diyo phol o dol’, set on khamaj raga. His evocative voice moved the audience while rendering ‘Sokhi chaad koto door’ based on Todi raga.

Bihag, bhairavi, hindol, ragesri, sri, etc were also highlighted by the singer.

Rahnuma, an audience member, enjoyed the programme. She shared her experience with New Age and said, ‘it’s a great initiative to honour the Nazrul exponent, because I think such individuals should be recognized to popularize Nazrul sangeet.

I enjoyed his songs a lot.’