Chhayanaut pays tribute to Tagore

To celebrate the birth anniversary of Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore, cultural organisation a two-day Rabindra Utsab held at Chhayanaut in the city.

The event was inaugurated on Tuesday and it began with teachers and students of Chhayanaut singing of the song, “Momo chittey niti nrityey”. The song was accompanied by a colourful dance performance.

Chhayanaut regularly holds special programmes on Tagore’s birth and death anniversaries. At the programmes, the organisation pays tribute to the timeless poet through rendering songs, recitation and dance performances with Tagore songs and more.

The inaugural programme for this year’s event was presided over by Dr Sanjida Khatun. It also featured a paper presented by Binayak Sen. This was followed by a speech by Dr Sanjida Khatun.

Dr Khatun welcomed everyone to take part in the celebrations and hoped that like every year this year’s programme would also be well enjoyed by the Tagore enthusiasts.

The main attraction of the opening day was the vibrant cultural programme featuring performances by Tagore singers, teachers and students of Chhayanaut.

The cultural programme began with a group performance of the evergreen Tagore song, “Kothao amar hariye jaoar nei mana.”

Next followed a group dance performance with the song, “Bajey bajey rommo bina bajey”. Then, a few more dance performances followed which were well enjoyed by the audience.

Next were the solo performances of Tagore songs. The performances were staged by Swati Sarkar, Nilotpal Shadhyo, Deepanjan Mukharjee, Chhaya Karmakar, Mami Manjuri Chowdhury, Fahmida Khatun and others.

Songs performed by the artistes included “Amar ei path chaoatei anondo”, “Koto ojanarey janailey tumi”, “Bipul tarango rey”, “Bohey nirantar”, “O amar desher mati” and more.

The two-day Rabindra Utsab also featured performances by artistes from outside Dhaka. Among others, Pratik Endo from Sylhet and Shamapti Roy from Faridpur performed on the opening day.