Sadi Muhammad receives Lifetime Achievement award

Eminent Tagore singer Sadi Muhammad will be honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award BY Channel-i at the Rabindranath Tagore fair, announced the organisers at a press conference held at the channel’s office on Sunday.

The fair titled Channel-i Rabindra Mela-2012 will be held on Tuesday on Channel-i premises.Sadi Muhammad and Channel-i director and head of news Shykh Seraj attended the conference.

Sadi Muhammad, in his speech, expressed his gratitude for receiving such honour. He bestowed the award to his mother, who has always been the inspiration for the singer.

This year’s fair will be the seventh edition of the Rabindranath fair. In past years, noted Tagore singers like Kalim Sharafi, Ajit Roy and Rezwana Chowdhury Bonnya had been honoured.

The fair will feature stalls of handicrafts, toys and foods along with 20 special stalls which will display books, CDs, films and other souvenirs on the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Dance organisations such as Boitalik, Shur Bihar, Bhrubatan, Nrittam, Nataraj, Bhorer Pakhi will present dance recitals synchoronised with Tagore songs.
The fair will begin at 11:05am and will continue till 2:00pm.

News Source: 
The New Age