Akash O Shomudro Opar, a tribute to Selim Al Deen

Akash O Shomudro Opar (the endless sky and the sea) was among many dreams of late Selim Al Deen, unfulfilled in his life time. On a recent winter evening family members and well wishers of late Selim Al Din gathered at a ribbon-cutting ceremony of Akash O Shomudro Opar — realization of a dream.

Meherunnesa Selim(left) with Fahmida Nabi at the album launch

Agnibina, a sister concern of G-Series, in association with BRAC Bank Ltd released the audio album Akash O Shomudro Opar with the voice of well-known singer Fahmida Nabi.

All the songs of this album were written and composed by late Selim Al Din.

The launching ceremony was followed by a discussion on the background of the album and some remarkable memories of late Selim Al Deen (1949-2008). Meherunnesa Selim, widow of late Nattacharja, was present at the programme as chief guest.

Among others, singer Milon Mahmud and Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq, Head of Corporate Affairs, BRAC Bank ltd were present at the programme.

Selim Al Deen was one of the most powerful dramatists in the scene. He was a professor at the Department of Drama and Dramatics, JU.

Speaking at the event Meherunnesa Selim said, “Late Selim Al Din always had a deep passion for music. He began working with music since 70s. He used to write and compose songs for his plays. He wanted to introduce a lyric-based new style. With his vision he wanted to go a long way. But his sudden demise halted his dreams. Despite, whatever he has given to music, I think it is an extraordinary work. I am glad because Fahmida has preserved his works which was a great desire of late Selim Al Din during his lifetime. I would like to thank everyone who dedicated their work for this album. They have done a commendable job. I hope that the album will be widely accepted among the listeners and thus this effort for preserving his work will be fruitful”.

During life time, late Selim Al Den gave Fahmida Nabi the songs of the album. But he couldn’t live to see his songs in a CD.

The songs in the album are Akash O Shomudro Opar, Fele Elam, Megheder Chute Chai, Rater Chander Alo, Ural Pakhi, Kichu Chitro, Rudhdho Shashe Valobasha, Mon Valo Nei, Ochin Thikanay and Balu Ghari Din.

While expressing her feelings on the album Fahmida Nabi said, “Sir (Selim) gave me a responsibility and stated me as, ‘I am the dreamer and you should pass on this dream to others’. I have just swum in the words of sir, a nature-lover and an ever-creative man. The understanding of the transitional period of life and death is quite difficult to grasp in a short extent. But I have tried my best to touch this feeling, hidden in his lyrics. Without this sensitivity it is impossible to perform these songs. I feel that I am very lucky and grateful that sir gave me such an opportunity.”

Talented music artiste Bappa Majumder is the music coordinator of the album.

- Daily Sun