A tribute to the duo

They began their career in cinema together and died together in a road accident while returning home from the shooting spot of their next movie.

On Saturday, the country lost its two great sons—internationally acclaimed filmmaker Tareque Masud and internationally acclaimed cameraperson, journalist and cinematographer Mishuk Munier—along with three others in a road accident in Manikganj.

The legacy of Tareque-Mishuk duo began in the early 1980s. Both of them were active in film society movement and had the passion of making different types of movie. In fact, Tareque came up with the idea of making a documentary on legendary painter SM Sultan, not to feature his biography, rather to portray the impact of the uprising of 1969 on an artist.

The idea was appreciated by Mishuk Munier, a son of martyr intellectual Munier Chowdhury, who had academic background of journalism and training on movie camera and cinema. He started his career as a cinematographer in the documentary titled Adam Surat, the debut film by Tareque Masud.

The duo took seven years to complete the project and the documentary was released in 1989. The documentary got appreciation as an independent movie in home and abroad. Meanwhile, they made another movie Sonar Beri in 1985. Moreover, the long duration project created a strong bond of soul between Tareque and Mishuk.

But, for professional purpose Mishuk Munier left the country and worked as videographer for the British Broadcasting Corporation in different South-East Asian countries.

Masud, on the other hand, continued his career as a filmmaker with tremendous support from his wife Catherine Masud, who is also co-director and producer of the popular movies such as Muktir Gaan and Matir Moina.

However, the relation between Mishuk Munier and Tareque Masud was not apart. They started another documentary project Noroshundor and subsequently a feature film Runway.

Once in a friendly gossip Mishuk Munier said, ‘It’s common that a particular director likes to work with a particular cinematographer, since both have good understanding to feel each others’ demand. It happened with me and Tareque.’

Tareque on the other hand was very optimistic on the success of his latest movie Runway, in which Mishuk is the cinematographer. Once in a conversation on Runway, Tareque Masud claimed, ‘ You will be amazed by the quality of the cinematography in the movie. Mishuk was just brilliant.’

In fact, Mishuk Munier in Runway has given the maximum output of his experiences of making newsreel featuring sufferings of human beings in the war trodden middle-east countries as a cinematographer with foreign directors.

Dhaka dwellers could not watch the movie so far since Masud had different type of idea of releasing the movie. Once he told me, ‘Look I want masses watch my movies, for whom I make films. People of district towns don’t feel comfort watching movies in the hot summer. So, I’ll screen Runway outside Dhaka. And after the Eid, we will release the movie in Dhaka,’

He further shared his idea on the next movie Kagojer Phul, a movie based on the partition of 1947. Again Mishuk Munier was selected as the cinematographer of the movie. Being the CEO of a private news channel ATN News, Mishuk Munier accepted the offer, since

the maker was his close friend.

Even the death could not break their friendship. They died together while

returning from Manikganj, where they along with other crews of Kagojer Phul went to select location for the movie.

The death of the duo is not just a loss of two lives, but a great loss for the film industry in the country which is at present minus talent.

News Source: 
The New Age